Film Review: Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters, is the next instalment of a young hero in the making. I was thrilled to be able to review this, having waited ages for it to come around.

Logan Lerman reprises his role as Percy. He has new competition in the form of Clarisse (Leven Rambin). Camp Half Blood holds regular challenges for the demigods. A bit like Wipe-out and Gladiators! Percy could have won this latest one but saves another student which allows Clarisse to win. She wastes no time in ribbing Percy.

There’s also a new family member for Percy to deal with, the arrival of another son of Poseidon. A half brother whose a Cyclops called Tyson.

The main story is the shield that protects the camp from foes. A brilliant back-story shows that years ago four demigod kids were travelling to the camp (which Luke and Annabeth from the first film were present). Now one of them Talia, daughter of Zeus, gave her life to save the other three. Zeus saved her by turning her into a tree providing a shield allowing her to save all demigods in the camp. No one has ever got past the shield since.

But Luke returns to threaten everyone there, finding a way through the shield by poisoning Talia’s tree. A metallic bull breaks through the barrier. Luckily Percy is on hand and saves them with a spectacular massive bang!

Anthony Head replaces Pierce Bronsan as centaur Chiron. He tells Percy to visit his attic. A mystic fortune teller lives there and shows Percy the prophecy that two cousins will fight over the golden fleece, found in the sea of monsters. The original titan Kronos will rise and only one demigod (a child of one of the three major gods; Zeus, Poseidon or Hades) is destined to either destroy him or they’ll destroy Olympus itself!

A humorous storyline featured with Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) telling a teacher about the golden fleece, which is empowered to save anything it touches. The teacher dismissing it and then in a public meeting announcing he’s come up with a plan to save Talia’s tree. Yes, use the fleece! But Percy is not chosen to head the task, Clarissa is nominated along with another satyr. As satyrs are attracted to the fleece.

However you know Percy, he feels the prophecy is about him, as he’s the half son of Poseidon. He’s a cousin to Luke so he feels their destiny will involve the fleece. As his half brother Tyson is part Cyclops, it can’t be him. It must be a half god, half human.

Tyson invites himself along but the racket he makes, means they are spotted! But after more inventive story telling, Percy and co are off again. Cue more humour, great effects and a really clever storyline.

ATMs for half bloods! Witches using taxis, Hermes, the messenger of the gods fronting a UPS delivery store. All cleverly done. Linking magic and myth to everyday things. Splendid.

It was Logan Lerman though that’s the main gem. He’s perfect as Percy. The balance of humour and a guy that’s trying to do right.

Grover the satyr (played by Brandon T Jackson) is just as funny as the first film and he’s got great comic timing! He provides a lot of light entertainment which prevents the film getting too heavy.

Along with great characters, the script is clean and simple which adds to the success. It’s not so bogged down even the writers don’t know what’s going on like with Lost. Yes, it’s based on the book, but as expected there are changes.

There isn’t one person who is out of place. It’s fun, dynamic and this fully deserves a 10/10. A great family film that you can enjoy time and again.

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