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Parkland 2013
Parkland stars Zac Efron and the shooting of US President Kennedy is the main story. Viewed from different perspectives, so there’s an ensemble cast. I saw this on DVD recently.

It covers the day of the shooting and then three days afterwards. Dr. Charles James “Jim” Carrico (Efron) is working at the hospital where JFK is taken after he is shot. Head Nurse Doris Nelson (Marcia Gay Harden) is with him as they battle to try to save him.

There’s a cameraman who captures the whole assassination attempt on film. Then Lee Oswald and his family, who are shattered by his decision to execute the President.

The film itself was gritty and did well at the start. It captured the shock and sense of loss that the nation felt. Where it faltered was splitting off into too many different realms. You had the FBI, the emergency room, the cameraman, the shooter, poor Jackie all alone.

There was also a scene where there was a fight over the President’s body. A Texas law states you can’t move a body until an autopsy is done. The FBI just takes the President’s body out by shoving their way out of the room! Then the FBI rips seats off Air Force One to fit the coffin onboard.

I found this a little bit pointless, you have a huge task of capturing one of the saddest moments of human history and all that seemed to be happening was squabbles over seats and by-laws!

Oswald had a batty old mother? The officers strongly suggest to Oswald’s brother he leave town and change his name – if he ever wants the help of the police again. Then there was more backbiting as the secret service found out an agent had dealings with Oswald and had him in the office a year ago!

It was all a bit bland though. I didn’t like hardly any of the actors picked to portray the key people.

Kat Steffens who played Jackie Kennedy was the highlight. This actress really got across the trauma and devastation of a woman who lost her husband in truly awful circumstances.

Zac did well as the emergency room doctor Carrico but he was underused.

Two other actors played FBI agents but I didn’t recognise them when I saw it. Austin Nichols (Wimbledon/Agents of SHEILD) and Tom Welling (Smallville).

I’m going to give this film 5/10. Far too muddled to be movie gold. I think a few less people might have helped. You can’t cover everyone and everything!

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