Film Review: Now Is Good

Now Is Good

Now Is Good was a charming feel good movie. I will forgive Dakota Fanning for making War of the World with Tom Cruise.

The cast were fabulous and gelled really well. Jeremy Irvine will be an actor I keep an eye out for. The story of a young girl Tessa (Fanning) dying of leukaemia was handled very well. I really felt for her. What could’ve been depressing was made into a dramatic touching story.

The chemistry between the two leads was sizzling. Irwine plays Adam. Although Dakota was the only one I’d seen before, the lack of big names did not impede the movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the power and range of the acting.

Everyone ‘pitched in’ to deliver some very good lines and masked it slightly different to the other ‘I’m dying’ movies. For me, it made a very good effort to make a watchable entertaining movie. You’ll be treated to some great scenery especially when they go travelling on a motorbike. It reminded me a bit of The Horse Whisperer.

Paddy Considine is great as dad. Lending some weight to the younger actors. The main trio gelled very well and the relationships were made all the more real for it.

What is does lack is a punch to hit the big notes. It maybe the director’s intention to ‘make a good movie’ so he avoided risking things that would push its boundaries. It’s not Shakespeare but as Sunday night movie it’s easy on the eye and brain. Rather like comfy slippers you just need at the end of the day.

Because there was no massive crescendo I wasn’t weeping. I was sad so I would see this movie again. Go for the cast, it’s so rare to get three people blend so well.

I award 7/10 as the effort of the actors/actresses make this movie a definite must see.

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