Film Review: Life As We Know It

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This is a funny but thought-provoking take on the real responsibilities of godparents with a pinch or romance intertwined. Katherine Heigl plays the uptight, ambitious, best friend of the mother while Josh Duhamel plays the seemingly rugged, commitment-phobic ladies man and best friend of the father. As fate would have it the parents die in a car crash and the godparents played by Kate and Josh (who happen to despise each other) are left to pick up the pieces. Predictable but with observational moments that make you laugh. There is not quite the poignant moment of Jerry McGuire fame to evoke the same emotion of the ‘You complete me’ scene but there are definitely touching moments.

For me the way the actors dealt with the realisation that their best friends were no longer around and the enormity of the fact that they are now responsible for a life other than their own was well done. The difference in character types to such a situation acted well and a movie that can if you watch it with an open mind remind you to look for the good in everyone no matter how differently they react to situations, process information and/or deal with death of a loved one.

The release is scheduled for April 15 in the States and the film will come out in the U.K. shortly thereafter.

Movie courtesy of Hollywood Streams

Personally I am glad I waited for this movie to come to DVD rather than watch it in the cinema but I would recommend it for when the DVD player has forcefully ejected Bridget Jones on repeat for the 100th time and you still have a pot of Haagen Daaz in the freezer that needs to be consumed before the new week begins.

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