Film Review: I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein
I, Frankstein was very confusing for me. It begins as usual with a man making a monster. Frankenstein was one of my favourite monsters. Where the movie went off the rails was when Frankenstein becomes some sort of monster shooter! Man with a mission type thing.

It starts well, in the Victorian era Dr Victor Frankstein (Aden Young) crates a hideous monster. He’s so hideous that Victor rejects him. The monster goes wild and kills Victor’s wife in direct revenge.

This is where the film goes pear shaped for me, Victor chases his creation to the North Pole and dies from the cold. Now the monster is set upon by demons and such but rescued and taken to the gargoyle underworld to become one of them. He says no and leaves but is given a gun to shoot any demons that trouble him.

This was not Frankenstein for me, but some sort of weird Call of Duty expansion pack. It made no sense and why the director thought this was a great idea is beyond me. Rather like Abraham Lincoln being some sort of vampire slayer. Hmm, just doesn’t work for me.

You don’t monkey with history. Since when did Frankstein have guns? What on Earth were the other creatures in it for? It was like walking into an alternate world and you went running back to where you came from. Compared to this movie, England under David Cameron isn’t really that bad!

The money was wasted on this film. A better script might have done something. Though the monster was played by Aaron Eckhart (Two Face -The Dark Knight), he was unable to save the film. It was horrendous as it suffered a lack of information and sensibility, I was sat stunned by the turn of events. To paraphrase Victor Meldrew; I don’t believe it! Frankenstein a gun runner??? He’s not supposed to be Blade.

Frankstein for me is about a monster bred for perfection but rejected because he isn’t perfect. Left to his own sad fate. He’ll always be a monster. You can’t put guns in and think this is going to be great. It’s not a shoot ’em up. It’s Frankenstein. I had such trouble getting my head around this twist in the tale.

And just what was giving him a name like Adam about? Adam? A monster called Adam? I just lost the plot and gave up trying to work it all out. Gun runners on Frankenstein. I just could not believe what I was seeing. That would be like watching some take on Batman with no gadgets or Batmobile. Professor Snape from Harry Potter, hugging Harry and saying he was the best student in Hogwarts! Star Trek with no spaceships! Would you pay to see that? Hopefully like me you would not.

I was too stunned to give a mark at first. I really didn’t know what to give it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. So maybe something in the middle like 5/10. The effects were good and the cast did try.

Next time there’s a Frankenstein movie, I just hope they WATCH a Frankenstein film. It appears there’s too many video game players in the movie business and this is why you end up with results such as this. Poor Frankenstein. (And no I will not call him Adam!)

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