Film Review: Here Comes The Boom

Here Comes The Boom

Here Comes The Boom could’ve been a contender for a great movie. However the plot seems to lose focus half way through.

I wanted a good clean fight from this film. Kevin James stars as teacher Scott Voss, who basically starts an MMA fighting career who save his pal Marty (played by Henry Wrinkler) from getting the chop. Scott’s school is forcing cutbacks and even if he loses the fight he’ll get $10,000.

So far so good, but there’s not just one fight. He has many. Then add a jealous friend and a romance into the mix, what you have is a classic case of movie meltdown! My brain had turned to mush as the chaos continued.

Who was Niko played by Bas Rutten? The initial purpose of that character was to introduce Scott to MMA. Which didn’t make sense as Scott was a former wrestler, therefore he should’ve been aware anyway. I used to work in the care field, although I don’t now – I still keep abreast of news. Plus wrestling is heavily advertised, the only way you wouldn’t know ANYTHING about the MMA is if you never watched TV/cable.

Yet the way it was portrayed Scott wrestled when cavemen were still alive and he had no idea! Not believable. Then a character Bella arrives, a romance to side track Scott. Which doesn’t make sense if he’s to save his friend Marty. As a result the movie mid way becomes muddled.

The gorgeous Salma Hayek plays Bella, but again poor Salma is given a silly role. This lovely actress deserves so much better. Hollywood give the girl a worthy part! She gets full marks for me, she handles all her roles so well.

Back to Niko who causes trouble. He turns down a big fight on behalf of Scott. How would Niko be able to turn down an offer for Scott? If he was Scott’s manager then it wasn’t clear. If people want to sign someone they talk to the person. If Scott was a celebrity and had an entourage – then their people would talk to his. But he’s a college teacher!!! Hello, he doesn’t HAVE an entourage to ask.

Why did Niko get jealous halfway through when he introduced Scott in the first place? He knew it was save the school, so it was a complete waste of time to have a jealous fit and cause a complication because, he suddenly remembered if he wasn’t injured, Niko himself could’ve been the wrestler. But if he’s injured he could never fight again. What injury did he sustain, something to do with his neck? It was glossed over as to why he could never ever fight.

If he could fight again, then the jealousy motive would’ve been stronger. ‘I want to be the hero’ is better then ‘I’m a jealous child and I’m going to ruin your Christmas!’

Add to the confusion that someone has been stealing all the money and that Scott must win the BIG fight to now earn $50,000. But if someone on the inside has stolen all the money – where has the $50,000 come from? They stole everything but the big prize??? A classic ‘D’oh!’ is needed here.

I won’t say more and spoil the ending but all I’ll say, is go in with your brain disengaged. For me, the banal acting(apart from Salma), plots seemingly made up as it goes along and insulting wrestling all round – I’m giving this turkey 3/10. You’re out!

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