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Godzilla 2014
Godzilla 2014 – began very similar to the 1998 version. A newsreel featured as the title sequence. The name Monarch was heavily featured so I guessed this would have some impact on the film.

In 1999 in the Philippines, a group discover huge fossilized bones in a mineshaft. However, something has burrowed out and gone in the sea.

Then it pans to Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) playing family man Joe Brody who works at a nuclear plant in Japan. They experience something like an earthquake as the plant shifts and the reactor is damaged. He must send his wife down to investigate but has to lock her down there to keep the radiation from escaping.

Then it shifts to 15 years later. His young son Ford is now an army lieutenant (Aaron Taylor Johnson). He has a family of his own in San Francisco, but has to go back to Japan when his father is arrested. Joe knows it wasn’t an earthquake and he believes the government are covering something up.

Joe manages to convince Ford to go back to their old house to collect old data that will prove something was going on. They are caught and are arrested. However, the father does uncover the truth.
Suddenly a huge creature bursts out the plant. The government agents already know what this is – a MUTO. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Object.)

MUTO 1 tears the plant up to escape and flies off.

Joe dies from injuries received in the attack. Ford takes over and finds there’s not just one creature out there. There is something hunting MUTO 1. A massive lizard called Godzilla!

Then they find out there’s a MUTO 2. A female! MUTO 1 is male, if they breed there’ll be an army of MUTOs. Is Godzilla the answer or are they facing an attack on three sides?

This film has a grimmer feel than the 1998 version. There was little humour. I was unsure about this film as there are no big Hollywood names. This does not impair the film at all. Aaron Taylor Johnson does an impressive performance in portraying a man in a very difficult and emotional situation. It’s very good and very well acted. The CGI effects add to the film, rather than be the central story.

The length is just perfect, it gives time to create the tension needed and the build up to Godzilla’s entrance is fantastic! He seems bigger to me than the 1998 one, more dinosaur than lizard and the scales are longer. This one is immune to gunfire and missiles, so getting him will be a whole lot harder.

A well deserved 8/10 from me. A very enjoyable afternoon out.

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