Film Review: Easy Money

Easy Money
Easy Money was actually made in 2010. So I’m assuming it’s been put on because another sequel is coming out this October?

Joel Kinnaman (who will play the new Robocop) stars in this uneventful movie. He plays Johan “JW” Westlund. I can see why this film disappeared into the ether. The double life has been handled much better, this film made me nostalgic for George Clooney’s Batman/Bruce Wayne! (That’s not a good sign.)

Choosing to sell drugs to fund his rich lifestyle was the main driving force behind this. The film was stumped from the word go because the storyline was limited. There’s only one way the film was going. In fact there is only one way any film like this can go. That’s showing the descent into the negative side of drugs.

Kinnaman was good but lacked the clout and originality to keep things interesting. Maybe I’m fussy, but if you’re going to cover a film that’s got a topic that’s done week in, week out – surely the concept of originality should creep in there? What will make my film stand out from the others?

Falling for a girl which then leads him into the rich and famous – thus requiring to sell drugs to keep up in the world was uninspiring. Organised crime, shoot outs, car crashes and outrunning the police are now pretty run of the mill. It seemed the director was scared to try anything different or new. Films should be about creativity.

Sadly none of the cast shone for me. No one seemed to really gel. The love interests were more like Bert and Ernie than Titanic. Of course it has most of the right ingredients to have secured sequels – what most people seem to love; human misery, violence and a love that cannot be.

But was this Romeo or Juliet? Er…. No! With text book plots, okay acting and a middling script 4/10 from me. Joel was the only recognisable actor in this troop. Have I chosen well? Hmmmm….

I think if the version with Zac Efron goes ahead, that’d be worth seeing.

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