Film Review: Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway
Dom Hemingway stars Jude Law and is surprisingly better than it looks. There’s not many films that rely on a central role, it usually happens mostly in superhero films. But Jude Law is charismatic enough to keep the interest.

He plays the title character, Dom is a man incarcerated for keeping quiet. Now released he wants to collect what he thinks he’s owed. Jude pulls out all the stops to portray a brutal but charming rogue. Some actors are really lucky to do any role, some actors have the talent to carry a poor script – Jude Law has both.

The plot is very loose, it’s just a run of events. Showing how the character deals with things and using whatever he can to achieve a result. Now normally with no actual ‘real’ plot most films would flounder within ten minutes. Despite the lack of a particular single goal – this ticks along nicely. I was drawn into Dom’s struggle and dilemmas. I wasn’t noticing the time or who else was in the cinema.

Richard E Grant stars as his sidekick, trying to keep order and failing miserably! The swearing was excessive but it’s a movie about gangsters and violence – they aren’t going to Granny Mae’s tea party – so bear that in mind.

Dom is a very angry fellow after being locked away for twelve years so he’s not going to say , “Dear old chap, I do declare my feelings of hostility towards you are most founded!”

With his wife dead and daughter leaving him, he’s boiling and ready to unleash on anyone who gets in his way!

I have developed a respect for this actor, he did such a good job with an average script. Perhaps with a deeper dialogue and exploration of relationships might’ve made this a better movie, certainly more of a classic, than gung-ho.

Still it did the job and I’m awarding 7/10 for this. It’s a vehicle for Jude Law. Those who don’t like him might have trouble though.

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