Film Review: Closed Circuit

Closed Circuit
Closed Circuit looked very good. It’s mostly centred around two solicitors, but it’s a very complicated affair and because of this I did struggle with it a lot.

Eric Bana (Hulk) seems to pick the wrong types of film to do. This is no different. Bana plays Martin Rose, one of the solicitors, who get embroiled in a MI5 plot. What could have a gripping courtroom drama turned out to be a long protracted day at the office. Or getting stuck in a queue at an airport when your flight’s been delayed because of the weather! Grrr!

Even an explosion didn‘t move me. That’s never a good sign. Splitting the trial into two parts was unnecessary and didn’t move the plot along. It needed some zing, not a further complication.

The American journalist seemed to be something that was thought of halfway through filming. Joanna Reace (Julia Styles) tags along to get a story, but Martin plays her to get what he wants. Martin giving her enough to keep her interested.

Jim Broadbent plays the Attorney General but even he was unable to save this dreary movie. It had nothing special to offer, it was exciting as watching paint dry.

It was pity that when one of the characters was targeted for assassination, the killer didn’t go behind the camera – and prevent this drudge from being made. The script was as unappealing as could be, no snazzy dialogue or wit. Nothing worked. I would love to know how this got the budget to be made. Did the director tell a few porkies over dinner with the studio bosses.
“Sure this’ll work. We got an actor who played the Hulk! Sorted!”
The bloodsucking lawyer, “We’re going to make a fortune with this film.”

The plots involving MI5 were just getting dafter. Was there a writers strike? Did the tea person have to step up to prevent a day’s lost filming? And then got sick the next day so somebody else got drafted in? Rather like that game of Chinese whispers, it gets changed person to person.

It lacked cohesion, something to keep it on an even keel and give a weight of solidity. The family of the defendant being silent. Secret agents in all sorts of places. Information being blocked, information given away… oh, please give me a break! I’ve seen more covert behaviour from the Teletubbies!

A 2/10 from me for this film. I wish myself better luck on the next film! I do sometimes despair of the cinematic world.

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