Film Review: Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim
Baggage Claim is the latest ‘rom-com’ to be made. So what makes this different to all the others? I’m afraid it’ll be answers on a postcard!

There was nothing I could see. All the stars were cute, the situations amusing, the plot lightweight, more like a cosy night in front of the fire, than gripping the edge of your seat drama.

I’ve seen Adam Brody before on The OC. The others I most probably have but it was just like the plot, I had seen it all before.

Maybe if the plot had been more adventurous, the ‘funny’ situations just slightly more original – this could have been a really funny feel good film. Paula Pratton plays a flight attendant who gives herself just 30 days to find Mr. Right, so she has someone before her youngest sister gets married.

Centring the action on the plane and rack up countless miles was a mistake in my opinion, there isn’t anything to do other than they stay sitting, run into the toilet or do stupid things. Only the most extreme would actually exit the plane!

It was rare for me to actually want a disaster to happen like in Airport ’77 – but that might have given the film some action. That’s what really astounded me was the lack of effort by the director to make any change to this formula.

Maybe they had a small budget or just wanted to play it safe? It was a pity, as the cast seemed to gel but so did The Walton’s. I don’t want to pay over £7-8 to just feel okay. I want some ‘bang for my bucks’!

I do feel with most of this year’s directors are not open to trying new angles or stuff. Perhaps they fear they won’t get a another shot at the big chair?

But as Captain Kirk once said, “Risk is part of the game, if you want to sit in the (captain’s) chair.” By doing this film, the director may get another chance – but whose going to remember this film in say five years time?

At least the main actress Paula Pratton shows promise and as a launching pad, she could do a lot worse. I hope her next film is a much better choice.

I’ll give 5/10 for this film. It wasn’t bad, but following a formula to the letter is never wise. Come on director, risk a bit of personality on your next venture!

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