Film Review: A Few Best Men

The main issue I have with A Few Best Men is that it tries too hard. What could have been a really funny movie ended up as a shock fest. All of the gags you can see coming a mile off. There’s nothing new.

Xavier Samuel’s next offering from Twilight Eclipse is a total disappointment. He looked stoned all the way through, maybe he had to take something to get through this! His motley band of friends were unlikeable, they just didn’t work. They all had issues.

The overuse of a sheep in pointless gags, which didn’t explain why a sheep was needed in the first place! Bondage, stripping, drugs, mishaps galore, The Queen’s picture being drawn on so she resembled The Joker from Batman… this comedy attempted to use everything, in the end it just came off as a total mismatch of sketches. There was no charm.

There was little chemistry between the bride and groom. It wasn’t a whirlwind romance. You don’t just decide to marry someone. Nothing to really say why they decided to get married within a week. Surely the girlfriend would want to meet his mates and family beforehand?

The bride being a senator’s daughter (Laura Brent) was a lazy step. Also her father would be much more threatening being a senator. He would not want shame or scandal yet the portrayal was weak. As if it was beyond him to stop events. Hello, he’s a senator!!!!

It would have been better if they’d got married in LA and ended up on the news with her father watching on horrified etc.

Even Olivia Newton-John’s appearances can’t save this. It reminded me a lot of watching You’ve Been Framed. The 1st series was very funny, roll on 10 years and you chuckle at some but most you’ve seen before.

It lacked a freshness to keep the genre fresh. The stag night degenerated into debauchery, like being let loose in a shopping mall with no spend limit. It was so cringe worthy. I’ve never seen the like of it.

In soap operas weddings going wrong are nearly a bi-annual event. With TV Serials as well having a wedding infrequently means all the disasters have now been shown. You have to do something new, or at least go about things in a different way. The script for this was like painting by numbers. No individual flair or decisions.

Having a good mix of stars such as Kris Marshall, who was very funny in BBC’s My Family, should have been better. Were they allowed to ab-lib? If not they should’ve been. The writer for this ought be fired from all movie sets!

A poor showing with as much effort into scripting as I put into opening a packet of crisps. 1/10 from me.

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