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Mine has led me a merry dance down all sorts of pathways over the years.  I would have to say that 95% of the time my female intuition is always right.  I cannot substantiate why, but then I guess that would defeat the object of being intuitive lol!

female intuitionSo what is this feeling that has directed most of my daily and also life changing decisions?  It has indeed impacted upon my social, professional and personal life and the outcomes have pretty much been favourable, not as expected always but looking back, for the best.

After doing a little bit of girlie research on this it would seem that female intuition is the main driver for a lot of the decisions that are made by women. Forget logic and reason, if it feels right – go with it, especially where men and relationships are concerned.

A previous article discussed choice and different men that had impacted upon the lives of my friends and for each one through intuition two had been selected (their current partners) based on compatibility – yes, a criteria list – yes (fickle but us women have to maintain standards) and intuition – gut feeling, a big yes!  When you are with somebody you know if it feels right and to an extent you also know pretty early on by the way they treat you if there is any mileage in it.

Being with somebody that makes you feel special and also safe and secure speaks volumes.  It is not about how much they spend on you or lavish over you, it’s about the thought that goes into actions, cooking for you, running you a bath, taking control and making decisions and making you feel like a woman.

Sometimes the problem with intuition is that it can be clouded by other emotions such as lust.  If you lust somebody so badly because of the way they make you feel sexually ….that overwhelming feeling of desire can over-ride all other thought processes. However, lust isn’t sustainable unless it is supported by other feelings of security.  So once again after a while when the heat dies down and you start to analyse and reflect, intuitively you recognise that mind blowing sex virtual or real alone does not a relationship make (fun trying though!).

I believe that intuition leads you down a pathway and then once you have established a pace other insightful thoughts and emotions kick in to maintain the momentum.  This however could be the downfall of a relationship. First impressions are important and the expectation of sustainability at that same level as time passes is exceptionally high, but as women know if plotted graphically, as time increases on a sliding scale the level of attention given decreases (maybe this is why relationships and also long-term marriages fail).

I went out with some of my girlfriends last night for a quick drink after work (well kind of quick) but what I would say is that 95% of the conversation yet again evolved around men and relationships.  I find that girls are quite open with their feelings, whereas men prefer not to discuss all the gory details.  You know it really does act as therapy as each of us divulged information about our current situations – it really did feel like one of those Sex and the City moments when a meeting of minds and the influence of a glass of wine or two loosens both the tongue and any inhibitions.

The conversation was passed round the table as my friends were experiencing joy at being in new relationships and the excitement of moving in with a partner …..the feeling of finding ‘Mr Right’ and  the connectivity; the acceptance and overwhelming emotion of being part of a family unit; regret and sadness as something finally comes to an end and reflection on previous boyfriends and how being single actually isn’t that bad. As I sat and listened and also contributed the one thing that was common amongst us all was ‘intuition’.  Both my friends and I had all made decisions and were experiencing new phases of our lives based on ‘gut feeling’ – that the jigsaw pieces had finally fallen into place, or that it was time to move on and start again being ever hopeful.

I love all of my friends dearly and for me last night it really challenged my own feelings, because I had experienced and was currently experiencing each of the phases that they were going through. Going back to a former article on Girlfriend Therapy, talking, having somebody there to listen and share was and is absolutely priceless.

So intuition …..you know when it’s right and when it’s wrong! Sometimes when you know it’s wrong it’s bloody hard to accept that change is afoot and leaving the security and comfort of the life and environment that you are familiar with hurts and can destroy people physically and emotionally. However if you know in a relationship that it’s not working what do you do – stay, prolong the inevitable because of the impact that it will have or be brave and follow your instinct, your intuition.

If you meet ‘the one’ and it feels right and every bone in your body is screaming out and every part of you is aching to be with that person, follow your intuition and just see what evolves.  For my friends their intuition has almost turned their world in rotation 180 degrees from being adamant single to blissful couple.

I have to dedicate this article to a few people, and I don’t often divulge names but on this occasion I feel I must.  Alison, Jane and Helen – you are all so special and your intuition has and will lead you to places that you never imagined – places of joy, relief and great sex! To Pete who persevered and got his girl by following his own intuition, you are so worthy! And last but by no means least – my Northern crack, Neil – fate, intuition, whatever, thank you for persevering and proving my intuition right!

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