Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious (Fast and Furious 8) has arrived! Get set for another dazzling array of car chases and thrilling automobile acrobats!

There’s plenty of action to keep you glued to your seat. Those familiar with the franchise will recognise many of the returning faces.

The basis of the story is looking after your family. At the start life is good for Dominic Toretto (Van Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) as they make a life in Havana.

However a master criminal called Cipher (Charlize Theron) has discovered there’s secrets from Dom’s life and blackmails him into helping her which means betraying his Letty along with his crew – his family.

Just what she has over him isn’t clear to start with but he helps her obtain an EMP machine and some nuclear codes. (Lots of vehicle damage and chases ensue!)
His team now have to work against the head of the family – but don’t understand why he’s gone rogue.

The police and the secret service enter (the organisation is not confirmed on screen) and equip the team to help capture Dom. Agent Sr (Kurt Russell) is soon dubbed Mr Nobody – as nobody knows anything about him and his protege (Scott Eastwood) is nicknamed Little Nobody. There’s a few surprise faces joining in the fun.

The humour is fantastic and there’s lots of banter, I think you would have to see the other films to understand some of the relationships and humour.

What I liked was the techno babble was kept at a minimum. The effects are dazzling and amazing. It does make you think if having computerised cars is sensible with the mayhem Cipher is able to cause. Cipher has the best plane (although I’m sure it’s similar to the one I saw in the first series of Marvel: Agents of Shield… or dubbed now The Agents of what are we called now?) Maybe Mr and Little Nobody work for them?

It’s very sad that Paul Walker could not be present and his untimely death is still grievous but his character is mentioned and remembered. Also Jordana Brewster does not appear but is likewise mentioned.

It’s an 9/10 from me for this action packed blockbuster film. Here’s hoping for number 9!

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