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Fast and Furious 7, (labelled Furious 7 for short) is the next sequel in the tale and last of the films that will have Paul Walker in a starring role.

The team are in a danger yet again, just when they thought they could go home and live normal lives. Owen Shaw, who is an old nemesis of Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Walker), has a brother Deckard Shaw who won’t rest until he’s destroyed the lot of them for sending Owen to jail.

He’ll steal, fight and blow things up to get at them and none of them are safe from him. He’s got the tools and contacts to do almost anything he likes.

Dom meets a convert operations team, led by a ‘Mr Nobody’ who says he’ll help Dom get Deckard, if Dom and his crew capture a computer program called ‘God’s eye’. The ultimate weapon in cyber tracking.

These movies are so wonderful. They have a good plot, great car effects and a first rate cast. The locations were just as varied as previous editions. It keeps a fast pace and you sense the family feel this group has. They look out for each other. It’s so rare that by movie seven, you’re still as gripped and surprised as you were in movie one.

For me at least, the cars aren’t the only stars. It’s not a car catalogue with no detail. There are some great vehicles featured and yes, there’s a helicopter again. But it’s the team behind the vehicles that sell it for me. Vin Diesel, Walker & Co have a great connection. You could imagine this little group in real life, with all their ups and downs fighting to stay afloat.

The plots may be predictable but the way in which they are conveyed makes them seem new. I felt a genuine interest in this group’s struggle. There was something more than car chases, as you do need something to fill the gaps between action sequences. They can’t do stunts every minute!

My only concern, is obviously the loss of poor Paul Walker. What will happen next and how will this group survive not only on-screen but off-screen too? It doesn’t seem to me the feelings stop when the director says ‘cut’. I wish them all the best.

Until the next movie, for which I really hope they do, 10/10 from me.

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