Fashion facts you probably didn’t know

If we are to talk about something that will never skip a spot on trending things. Well, then it has to be fashion. Many countries world over have been brought together by fashion.

Music and fashion, the list is rather endless. For those fashionistas, this is the article that you should be looking forward to. If you think that you know everything about fashion. Then we disagree with you, the reason why? Well keep on reading and know why we are bragging that we are here to give you facts that you are most likely not to know of.

Hair Trends are also fashion trends

If you are a woman the best thing that could ever happen to you in this century is cutting your hair. We have seen celebrities amongst other iconic people being bold, having hair that is up to a short bob level, trimmed sides, you name it. Something you could take to online casino us, definitely, you cannot afford to not to be fashionable when playing for real money.

But did you know that during the 1800’s and 1900s this was not much of a fashion trend? Rather what it was infidelity? Yes, it was a sign of being unfaithful,’’ bad girls” they would call them.  We know what you are thinking, how can something so stylish like that be seen as such a disgrace.

Embrace Skirts

This rather came as a shock to us as well. Who would have known that skirts were the oldest dressing that ever was? Not only were these garments for women but also men. Often on the runway men are taking back that culture for modern men to embrace it and get to appreciate it.

The “No hair” Way

Once upon a time having no eyebrows was the trend. But now we have people wanting more hair on their brows. But let us take you back to where it all started. European women are the trendsetter for hair removal. And we are not talking about armpit hair or leg hair but instead facial hair.

Back then not having facial hair like mentioned above that it was a trend. What then they decided to do was to apply walnut oil on their babies’ faces to avoid any facial hair. Weird but true.

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