Fashion and Sportswear

Fashion and sportswear do not necessarily work hand in hand. However, because of the new trends in fashion, the two now have something in common.

Fashion designers are being lured away by sportswear brands such as Adidas, Puma, and Nike. Designers are being offered lucrative deals by these sportswear brands. It is very difficult for them to turn down those deals. Not only do they get online casino gaming jackpot sized salaries but they get to improve their profiles while reaching a bigger audience.

Celebrities Participating

Puma approached the Grammy award-winning Rnb singer Rihanna for a major rebranding of their label. Rihanna and Puma announced their partnership in December 2014.

In September 2015 Puma released a Puma Rihanna sneaker with a creeper style midsole. There was so much anticipation from Rihanna fans and sportswear lovers. And it was no surprise when the sneaker sold out in three hours. The collaboration has led Puma’s sales to increase by 16.4%.

Lebron James and Michael Jordan have also had a lot of involvement with fashion via sports. Some of the sports products introduced by these icons were sound and very nice. The sneakers that came out of the partnerships have wowed fashion lovers and sports fans as well. Even some internet casinos used to give away sneakers as part of their marketing strategy.

Lebron James’s deal with Nike generates approximately $1 Trillion in sales for Nike. The relationship between Nike and NBA players clearly shows how fashion and Sportswear have developed together.

Some of Lebron James’ and Michael Jordan’s sneakers have been embraced by both men and women. Michael Jordan sneakers have managed to accommodate women with very nice Michael Kors sneakers in pink and gold colours. Whilst Lebron James sneakers attract mainly male figures. This is because these shoes are hefty sneaker but which suits well with the ripped jeans rocking the fashion sector.

European football clubs are also venturing in to foster sportswear garments to their fans as they are also selling caps with team logos. Arsenal football club shop located at the Emirates stadium north of London sells caps and Arsenal t-shirts. This is done to increase the club’s income but is inherently converting sportswear into normal fashion. The trend that is coming with sportswear fashion is becoming more visible. The future looks bright to all fashion and sports lover around the globe.

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