Extraterrestrial – 2014 film

Extraterrestrial - 2014 film
Extraterrestrial (2014 film) was another ‘alien visitor to Earth’ type films. This one featured a lonely cabin and secluded woods.

A group of friends discover a crashed saucer (as you do in the woods) and find one of the aliens spying on them (which is fair as the alien maybe shy – and with this motley bunch – I’d check them out first.)

They overreact and kill the alien which results in the surviving aliens finding out and extracting revenge on the humans.

As if aliens, who could build massive space vehicles wouldn’t have smaller craft or better yet – er, shields?! Even have personal shields to protect the crew. Were we supposed to think they came from Planet Clueless?

I think this is another director, one Colin Minihan, who has a few issues to sort out and rather than go for counselling, the public have to put up with their latent anger.

The aliens depicted in this film were just delinquents. One would hope space travel might just give a more evolved sensibility. No such luck with this species.

I really didn’t see the point to any of it. Just as well it wasn’t Chewbacca who fell in some snow, then we could’ve had a weird Yeti movie.

Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter films – Cormac McLaggen) was the only face I recognised. With this offering, ‘down the dark path is he following!’ (Now no wonder the alien was spying on them – he was really thinking – ‘wow, it’s that guy from Harry Potter!’)

Anything would be better than this tripe. I don’t think I’ve seen such a badly made alien film since War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. How could they come up with something worse??? What’s the world coming to?

1/10 from me.

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