ESTP – The Persuader

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I have been asked to elaborate on each personality type with a few characteristics and examples for each. I will be expanding on each type shortly but in the mean time I have compiled a list of examples for you to wet your appetite for the fun ways in which typology can be used and understood.

In my observation, famous ESTP’s include many interesting people some of which I have mentioned below. 

In no particular order ten real life  ESTP’s are…

1. Steven Covey 
2. Donald Trump   
3. George W Bush 
4. John F Kennedy  
5. Dale Carnegie 
6. John Gray
7. Madonna
8. Ernest Hemingway 
9. Britney Spears
10. Cherie Blair

I have also included a few fictional characters 

1. The Todd – Scrubs 
2. William Riker – Star Trek: The Next Generation   
3. James Bond 
4. Mark Sloane – Grey’s Anatomy

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