Easy Tips for a Hallway Fix

You’ve decorated your bedroom, your kitchen, and your living room, but what about your hallway? Hallways often get neglected in terms of design and are left looking bare and boring. However, there are several ways to make your hallway into a room of its own. Take a look at these easy tips for a hallway fix.

Lighten Up

Many times hallways don’t have windows so they don’t get a lot of natural light. If you’re lucky enough to have windows in your hall, don’t cover them up with heavy treatments. Opt for lightweight fabrics or even sheers. That way you’ll let the light shine through while still maintaining your privacy.

For those with windowless hallways, artificial lighting is the best thing you can do to improve the looks of your hallway. Sconces and ceiling lights are the best options for narrow hallways as they don’t take up floor space or hang too low. If you have the luxury of having a slightly larger hallway, you can afford to go full out fabulous and install a chandelier.

Keep in mind that your paint choices are important here too. Lighter colours will make the hall seem larger and less cramped while darker colours will give the hall drama and a sense of coziness. As always, mirrors give any room more light and can make a huge difference in a too-dark hallway.

Get Arty

Art is a great way to add some personality to the hallway. Consider an arrangement of smaller prints that span the wall for a casual feel. For a more formal hallway, try equally spaced identical frames that reach from one end of the hall to the other.

If you don’t have the budget to buy  a bunch of art for the hallway, try this inexpensive DIY project. Purchase at least 3 pre-primed canvases from your craft store. Apply an even coat of paint in your preferred colour. Once they dry, push all three together so the sides are touching. Using a wide paintbrush and paint of another colour, paint a design across all three canvases. You can hang them in intervals along the hall for personalized art.

Add Texture

You would add different textures to any other room of your home, so why not the hallway? Mixing different textures in a room creates a sense of depth that makes a room seem more put together. Try placing a rug or runner in the hall, or better yet – a runner on top of a rug. Mirrors, plants, and furniture can all add different textures to enhance your hallway.

Plan Carefully

Unlike other rooms, a hallway is more for getting you from one place to another, not for resting. This being said, you should be able to navigate your hallway with ease. Don’t put furniture directly outside of doorways or around tight corners. Bulky items should be avoided in the hall as well.

Convenience is Key

An entry way is the ideal place for a small bench to rest on while you put on shoes. It’s also a great place for a hutch or catch all for keys, hats, purses, etc. If you can’t find a piece small enough for your hallway, an easy DIY project you can do in a weekend is to craft twin hutches out of a side table. Cut the table in half and after sanding and painting, mount it to either side of the door. Easy DIY his and hers hutches.

Decorating a hallway doesn’t have to cost tons of money or a lot of time. A few simple fixes is all your hallway needs to become a room of its own.

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