DVD Review: Into The White

Into The White
Into the White stars Rupert Grint. He was the only face I recognised. I do try and not judge a film on an unknown cast, it’s hard to put on hold my feelings of ‘uh-oh’. I should’ve have listened. This for me wasn’t so much a film, but a reconstruction on how fighter pilots survived an air crash.

Set in World War II, the basic plot of British and German pilots engaged in battle started out okay. Battle scenes were acceptable but lacking in originality. Where it went downhill was when both sides had to share a cabin to survive the oncoming cold weather.

It reminded me a bit like a Ray Mears programme but without the humour. The cast didn’t gel and no one had the ‘X Factor‘, which might brighten such limiting space setting. The minute you restrict the story there’s only two roads to go down; that was fabulous or I’m a film critic – get me out of here!

Due to this, the groups getting along seemed very unlikely. The other actors were like watered down cola. Making a film work and entertaining isn’t like painting by numbers. Spend most of your budget on one decent name, have them do this and that, let’s have this story and hey presto! Movie magic!

Sadly, it takes more than this. The vision for this movie got lost as sure as the plane went down! I only hope Rupert Grint isn’t going have lots of low budget British/Europe film offers. He does deserve better, perhaps that’s why he was subdued for me in this. I can only hope he wasn’t forced?

Based on a real event, this should have been a belter. Mismanaged from start to finish means this dull story would be better released in schools to educate the young as opposed to entertaining the masses. Movies do need a bit of ‘oomph’ to make it fun or exciting.

I love making model spaceships, but I wouldn’t want to watch a film about how the parts are made! As in an actual step by step guide.

There isn’t else much I can say about this, as for my customary mark, I can only give this 3/10.

Hopefully the next British film being made, might remember that audiences want to have a little zing to their movie.

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