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Dirty Grandpa is Zac Efron’s new movie. The film is about family relationships. Jason (Efron) meets up with his grandfather Dick (Robert De Niro) when his grandmother dies. Their relationship is put through the wringer when Jason agrees to drive Dick on a long journey.

Jason is a lawyer but when he was younger he dreamed of being photographer, Dick wants Jason to return to this dream and he thinks Jason is far too rigid now and getting set in his ways. Dick doesn’t have a problem with expressing himself!

What begins is a massive adventure where Jason ends up drunk and Dirk attempting to woo anything in a skirt before reaching Boca where his retirement home is.

This was a very funny movie, De Niro and Efron banter perfectly together. Jason is originally shocked and repulsed by his grandfather’s behaviour but he learns not to be so uptight and follow his heart.

The only thing I found was there was a lot of background characters which half the time I felt were not needed. Also a lot of scenes featured huge crowds and the choice of storylines seemed to veer towards needing these big numbers. Perhaps the director felt the need for a lot of visual stimulus or something. For me they drowned out the major characters somewhat .

Also Jason’s fiancé (Julianne Hough) doesn’t really bring anything to the table and is clearly a means to an end.

I did like the concept of this movie, an elderly man playing up and acting much younger than his age. It was hilarious. Robert De Niro is such a great actor and he really threw himself into the part.

And once again Efron finds another great role bouncing off De Niro nicely. There was a lot of chemistry between them and it paid off.

7/10 from me. Great concept, great leads but cull the crowds.

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