Dating in Football Season (Why Bother!)

Football season has started yet again, did it ever finish I hear you say?  That’s because it lasts from August to May every year!  With minor breaks for Christmas and New Years it would seem.  Of course any guy who is into football becomes overtly excited as football season approaches.  The fact that they have had a 3 whole months without a snifter of football (we all know that’s a lie) there are always random games on which mean nothing to us.  Apparently a ‘friendly’ is still classed as real game.  But what happens to all the WAGS out there when the dreaded football season starts again?  For all those die hard football fans who think that missing a game between Wigan and Scunthorpe is like missing the eclipse of the sun.  Where were you when Scunthorpe drew 2 – 0?


We get cast aside, well for the first few months at least anyway, until the excitement has died down and the realisation that MOTD (Match of the day for anyone who has a life out there) can be sky plus-ed.  Mid-week Wednesday’s date night to the local Italian is replaced with a trip to The Albion to sample the local Artios on offer.  Double house vodka it is then, after the third the smell of paint stripper dies down.  If questioned then why you’re not going to the restaurant, a simple ‘we’re out aren’t we babe’, we can go to a restaurant any time but it’s the Champions league’.  You have no idea if it’s the Champions league or what this even means but you suspect that its just a ploy to keep you quiet.  You order another vodka and finish your game of Candy Crush propped up on a stool.

Saturday nights are taken up with ‘just as important games’ and either coming home at 7:30 pm or going out at 10 pm.  I find leaving the house at 10 pm after a whole bottle of Sauvignon whilst feigning interest in the Spurs match, be wholly detrimental for your night out.  Spurs have lost, and you’re drunk before you’ve even left the flat it’s a loose, loose situation.  Its 2 cocktails and home by midnight after only 2 hours out.

God forbid u go on holiday while FS is still on, suddenly it seems even more important to watch the game while your holidaying in the Algarve just because were ‘lucky enough’ to have it shown over there.

The way to get through this is to amuse yourself, call your girlfriends and have a wild night out while he stays in a dingy pub with his equally sad, equally football mad buddies.  Wear that figure hugging dress when you leave the house and see if that gets his attention.  Chances are it won’t and you will receive more affection from your bottle of Sav.  Just remember ladies its only 9 months out of the year….

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