Dating Ideas That Don’t Involve Movie Theaters

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it gets hard to hold on to the spark that you had when things were new. Every date was exciting, every experience was new, and you were finding out more about your partner every time you saw them.

Fast forward a few years down the line, and things are very different indeed. You likely know everything about your partner that you’re ever going to find out about them – unless they’re keeping secrets from you! You’ve been to every restaurant in town, and you’ve worn a groove into your favorite seat at the local movie theater. If you have children by this point, just finding time to have a romantic couples’ date is difficult enough. Finding even more time to think about and plan out a change of scenery for that date is likely to be out of the question.

Years ago, the point where couples started to slowly become bored with each other and fall out of love was known as ‘the seven-year itch.’ In more recent times, thanks to our hectic lifestyles and short attention spans, the seven-year itch has apparently been replaced by the so-called ‘three-year glitch.’ Sadly, it seems that three years is now all it takes for us to start taking each other for granted, and wondering whether the grass may be greener elsewhere.

If any of this sounds worryingly accurate or familiar to you, it’s time to spice things up a little by going on a different kind of date and having a new experience with the person you love. Break with the familiar, and bring back the excitement by trying out one or two of the suggestions below!

Go To See A Band You Love

Hands up if you’ve been to see a live band or singer in the past three years? We strongly suspect that most of you kept your hands down. For some reason, we associate the act of going to see our favorite musicians with teenagers, like it’s a phase we’re supposed to grow out of. If you agree with that statement, we have news for you – there’s a lot of scientific evidence that suggests going to concerns extends your lifespan. Live music is quite literally good for you! If there’s such a thing as ‘your song’ in your relationship, go and see the musician who played it live. It will be a special bonding experience. Even if that isn’t possible, go and see someone you both enjoy. Get ringing in your ears, dance, and feel younger again!

Ditch The Phones

There’s probably nothing wrong with the restaurant you usually go to, or your usual preferred date spot. You’re probably not even all that bored of it – you’re just bored of the routine. At least part of that will be down to the fact that both you and your partner bring your phones along with you. Switch them off. Leave them at home, if possible. Go somewhere and actually talk properly. When you do, you might realize just how long it’s been since you last had a meaningful conversation. You could even do this at home. Cook for each other, turn the phones and laptops off, forget Netflix, and spend time with each other, away from the rest of the world. Rediscover your intimacy.

Head To A Casino

Do you know what’s really good for boredom? Adrenaline! Adrenaline is the chemical response that all human beings get when they’re in a high-risk, high-reward situation. A typical example would be a fight, but taking boxing classes together isn’t very romantic. Instead, get the same thrill from heading to a casino. For clarity, we mean an actual, real-life casino, not an online slots website. We have absolutely nothing against online slots websites – they can be a lot of fun when enjoyed responsibly. You could even use Rose slots website to practice for the real thing if you’re an inexperienced gambler. Agree on a spending limit, go to a casino, and blow it all on a roulette wheel, or a card table if you know what you’re doing, and you feel brave. Who knows – you could walk away with a profit!

Do Breakfast, Not Dinner

Dinner dates are often great in theory, but difficult in execution. They happen at the end of a long day, and if you’re tired, they can feel more like a chore than a pleasure. There will always be a time for dinner dates when the mood and the atmosphere is right, but you could be having a lot more fun on a breakfast date. You’ll have a lot more energy, and it will help you to start the day with a smile on your face! Find somewhere close to where you live that’s known for its great breakfasts, and get out of bed early enough to get yourself a seat. If you have the day off, you can always head home afterward and make the most of being awake so early.

Learn To Dance

Whenever there’s a season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (or ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ for you Brits), there’s always at least one scandalous affair between one of the professional dancers and their celebrity partner. It happens so often that the press has ceased to be surprised by it. There’s a very good reason that the affairs happen so often, though – dancing is hot. Seriously hot. You’re spending all of your time in close contact with another person, looking them directly in the eye, and moving in rhythm with them. It’s about as physically intimate as you can get without taking your clothes off. Forget any prejudices you might have about dancing, and do away with all of your self-consciousness while you’re at it. Take dancing classes together, and you’ll find that the amorous feelings you had when you first met return to you in no time.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but there really are hundreds of dating ideas that can help to keep your relationship feeling as fresh and special as you both deserve it to be. Don’t just lazily pick the same old restaurant or the same old movie theater – branch out. Try new things. Make new memories. Things only get stale when we stop having new experiences – so make sure you never stop!

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