Important Things to Know if You are New to Dating

Dating hasn’t been the same since the invention of the internet. Here are just a few tips on how to traverse these waters.

  1. Online Dating is as StillDating

You still need to be on your best behavior. Presenting your best self is still key in attracting someone. There are still going to be awkward moments and a little anxiety when you put yourself out there. Be prepared for it, and take every interaction in stride. You will still have to wade through a sea of frogs before your prince appears.

  1. Meet in Person

You met online, but that doesn’t mean you should keep the relationship there. The whole point is to actually meet face to face and find out if you’re compatible. Of course, you want to vet the other person and have some good conversations beforehand. But the quicker you can move from virtual to reality, the better. Someone you really get along with online, might not be so charming in real life. If you meet quickly, you’ll be able to cut your losses and move on with little time wasted.

  1. Don’t Be Embarrassed About How You Met

In this digital age, no one cares if you met online. Your friends and family will just be happy that you’re happy. There is no need to come up with some wild story about a chance encounter in the bread aisle. Be proud of the fact that you were able to use technology to your advantage. You wouldn’t have met your match otherwise. The stigma of meeting online has all but vanished.

  1. Expect Some Untruths

It’s a fact of life. Even the most honest person could be lying by omission. As long as these aren’t earth-shattering lies, it shouldn’t hinder your relationship. A white lie here or there can be dealt with accordingly. Everyone wants to appear better than they actually are. Chances are, you’re guilty of it too.

This could be a conversation starter on honesty and trust later down the road. At the beginning of a relationship though, it’s a universal truth that someone is going to fib. Whether it be how much they loved your cooking or their hair is not actually their hair. Just be prepared for some revelations should your relationship blossom past the first few dates.

  1. Casual Dating is Perfectly Fine

Dating for adults is complicated. Some people are freaking out that they’re in their thirties and still unattached, while others revel in that fact. You need to be honest and open with both yourself and your partner right from the start. If you want a hookup, try a hookup website.

Don’t go a website that has complex algorithms for finding your one true love if all you’re looking for is sex. And don’t go to a hookup site looking for the future father of your children. Basically, just find the site that is tailored towards your needs.

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