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Dad’s Army is a film version of the popular TV series. It features all an new cast but most of the characters names have been kept.

Capt Mainwaring (Toby Jones) leads his troop to many adventures over the course of the film. During the Second World War, there was the Home Guard in Britain defending the country while the main soldiers fought the war abroad. The unit contains those who are either unfit to go to war, considered too old or are required to stay for business reasons.

The unit improves when a journalist (Catherine Zeta Jones) appears and the men seem to want to impress her. Even Captain Mainwaring appears to fallen under her charms and he even believes the suggestion one of his men are betraying Britain by sending messages to Germany!

I did like this film, the cast got it right. For me though it was like a TV movie and not really fit for the big screen. Most of the antics appeared in the TV series and it was just the way the new people delivered them that was different. It was no better or worse. Nothing new was brought to the franchise, which was a pity.

Blake Harrison (Inbetweeners) plays Pike, the youngest of the group but is inept and unthinking. ‘Stupid boy!’
Bill Nighy plays Sgt .Wilson. Mainwaring’s second in command.
Michael Gambon (Harry Potter) is Godfrey the gentle elder of the group.
Bill Paterson (Auf Weidersen Pet, Law & Order UK) plays Frazer – the dramatic Scot.
The others I didn’t recognise but they were:
Tom Courtnay was Jones.
Daniel Mays was Walker.

Ian Lavender appears and the vicar from TV show as a link, which was good. I did not like the fact Mainwaring’s wife was featured. She never was in the show and for me it was a bit like seeing Howard Wolowitz’s mother in The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes the idea is better than reality!

Catherine Zeta Jones was okay but I felt at times she gave the impression she was forced there and didn’t really engage fully as she could. There were a lot of other characters either relatives or townsfolk and I felt it was at times like a forest, far too many things going on at once and too many people trying to fill the screen.

A good effort so a worthy 6/10 from me.

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