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Cognitive Decline May Begin at 45

A study has found age-related cognitive decline may begin as early as age 45. The ten-year study of Whitehall civil servants, carried out by a team of international scientists in the UK, France and the US, is the first to find signs of cognitive decline in people younger than 60. … Continue reading

Toxic proteins implicated in Frontotemporal Dementia and Motor Neurone Disease

Scientists at University College London (UCL) and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, in Cologne, have discovered how a specific genetic mutation may damage nerve cells in frontotemporal dementia and motor neurone disease. The research, which suggests a potential new target for treating the two brain diseases, was … Continue reading

Shocking Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Take Teeth to the Extreme

The ideal smile typically features straight, white teeth. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and newer, less traditional smile trends are on the horizon. Here are just a few extreme cosmetic dentistry trends that are just plain weird. Devotion to Diastema Diastema is the clinical term for … Continue reading

Distracted Driving and Walking: Avoid Halloween Accidents Behind the Wheel and in the Streets

Whether you’re snapping pics of your utterly adorable children or taking selfies with your favorite grown-up ghoul, there is nothing quite like a Halloween photo op. The problem, however, is that many photo-taking sessions are a distraction rather than a moment captured in time. Whether you’re behind the wheel or … Continue reading

An unexpected Wave of Grief

The other day when at a friend’s house, I offered to make coffee. Reaching for some mugs, I found one which read: ‘I love my mum’. And suddenly I was knocked off balance by a flood of emotion – an unexpected wave of grief. I ‘lost’ my mum last summer … Continue reading

Tightening Security at Car Dealerships

According to FBI reports, a vehicle was stolen nationwide every 45 seconds in 2015. That equated to 707,758 reported stolen vehicles across the U.S, and the Midwest accounted for almost 17% of that total. While the latest annual auto theft reports are less than half of the record high of … Continue reading

Buying Small Equipment Parts Online

The machinery that you use in your factory may require specialized parts that you cannot find in local stores.  You may have in the past had to special order them from distributors in far away cities. It may have taken days or weeks to show up at your factory, time … Continue reading

Why Does a US Citizen Need a Passport to Visit Puerto Rico?

  One of the great things about traveling in and around the United States is that you will not require a passport for many of those trips. And if you do not have a passport, or you just do not want to bring it along, you will be looking at … Continue reading

Burn Belly Fat with This 6-week Walking Plan

There are specific parts of the body that tend to accumulate a lot of fat compared to others. The belly is one of your body that accumulates excess fat. This may be dangerous to your health and can also be a cause of discomfort. Excess belly fat will subject you … Continue reading

Cambridge’s Eco Homes Open Their Doors

Cambridge Carbon Footprint are organising an Open Eco Homes event this month in Cambridge to inspire the public to make eco-friendly home improvements which can help save the planet and a bit of cash along the way. Open Eco Homes include a timber framed custom built house, a Victorian terrace … Continue reading

Tribute Paid to Charity Which Helped Local Family

The Elsie Norman Fund for Acorn House has presented The Sick Children’s Trust with a cheque for £13,420.00 as a thank you for all its help over the last three years. When Max and Charlotte Norman’s daughter, Elsie, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in June 2008, Charlotte and her … Continue reading

Cottage Self Catering: An Excellent Option

Cottage self catering an excellent option There are many accommodation options for a family wanting to go on holiday. Some people prefer a hotel; it is a chance for mum to forget cooking and washing up for a couple of weeks. However, eating in the same hotel every night can … Continue reading

Specific Antipsychotic Drugs Increase Risk of Death in Elderly

US scientists have found certain antipsychotic drugs increase the risk of death in elderly nursing home patients, when compared with other antipsychotics. The study is published in the BMJ online. Researchers at Harvard Medical School studied medical records from 75,445 people over 65 who were living in nursing homes. They assessed … Continue reading

Edinburgh Study Could Bring Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis a Step Closer

Scientists in Edinburgh have found particles in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that could be harnessed to identify changes in the brain that occur during Alzheimer’s disease. The study, which was part-funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK, could pave the way for a new test to diagnose the disease in its earliest stages. … Continue reading

Social Gaming: Playing Online and Making Friends

The rise of the internet and the huge increase in people able to access it in the home has changed the way much social interaction now takes place. This is especially the case with the popularity of social gaming, where there are now almost limitless opportunities to get involved and … Continue reading

Home Gym Hacks for a Small Condo

So you want to be fit but you don’t want to enroll in a gym because: A) you’re too busy or, B) you just don’t want to workout in a place where there are lots of people. If this is the case, what you need is a home gym. But … Continue reading

Pick the Right Flower to Send to Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and people around the world tend to buy lovely flowers for their loved one. Choosing the right flower for your valentine is not that easy, especially when he or she is not with you. Even if your valentine is far from you in … Continue reading

Running Down Dementia

If you’re looking to get fit this summer, there’s no better motivation than Alzheimer’s Research UK’s latest challenge, Running Down Dementia. Launched in collaboration with parkrun, which offers free timed 5km runs across the country every weekend, Running Down Dementia challenges participants to run 100km over the summer and raise … Continue reading

Send the message of Love with a Cake

A cake is a signature of ‘celebration’. Whether you are planning for a birthday party or going to treat someone, nothing is as captivating as a cake. Any celebration is incomplete without a cake. It makes more surprising and turns a celebration more delicate when you are in distance from … Continue reading

The Top Reasons Why Buying Lobsters Online is Now a More Popular Option

Having lobsters as part of one’s regular diet is just for the lucky few, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and indulge yourself once in a while. But if you are in a landlocked state and are not quite sure that the lobsters you’re getting from your local … Continue reading

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