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Innovative Disability Project Huntingdon

An innovative disability project in Huntingdon is holding a volunteer day on, Saturday 2 July, to encourage people to support and help make a huge difference to a disabled child’s life. The Inclusion Project Cambridgeshire, which is ran by leading charity Action for Children, is holding the event, from 10:30am to … Continue reading

Great Ways to Make Cooking More Comfortable

People have been cooking their own meals ever since the discovery of fire. However, in this day and age it almost seems as if the benefits of cooking have been forgotten completely as people prefer canned or restaurant food to meet their day to day requirements. Adopting such a lifestyle … Continue reading

Outspoken Delivery Expands Bicycle Fleet

Innovative Cambridge cycle courier company Outspoken Delivery has expanded its fleet of delivery bicycles. The first of three new Cycles Maximus trikes capable of carrying up to 250kg of cargo will shortly be seen delivering to parts of Cambridge city centre which vans and lorries cannot easily access. Outspoken are … Continue reading

Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer’s in Mice

Antibodies that block the process of synapse disintegration in Alzheimer’s disease have been identified, raising hopes for the development of a treatment to combat early cognitive decline in the disease. During Alzheimer’s, a protein called amyloid-beta builds in the brain and causes the loss of synapses – the connections between … Continue reading

Social Gaming: Playing Online and Making Friends

The rise of the internet and the huge increase in people able to access it in the home has changed the way much social interaction now takes place. This is especially the case with the popularity of social gaming, where there are now almost limitless opportunities to get involved and … Continue reading

Home Gym Hacks for a Small Condo

So you want to be fit but you don’t want to enroll in a gym because: A) you’re too busy or, B) you just don’t want to workout in a place where there are lots of people. If this is the case, what you need is a home gym. But … Continue reading

Pick the Right Flower to Send to Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and people around the world tend to buy lovely flowers for their loved one. Choosing the right flower for your valentine is not that easy, especially when he or she is not with you. Even if your valentine is far from you in … Continue reading

Running Down Dementia

If you’re looking to get fit this summer, there’s no better motivation than Alzheimer’s Research UK’s latest challenge, Running Down Dementia. Launched in collaboration with parkrun, which offers free timed 5km runs across the country every weekend, Running Down Dementia challenges participants to run 100km over the summer and raise … Continue reading

Send the message of Love with a Cake

A cake is a signature of ‘celebration’. Whether you are planning for a birthday party or going to treat someone, nothing is as captivating as a cake. Any celebration is incomplete without a cake. It makes more surprising and turns a celebration more delicate when you are in distance from … Continue reading

The Top Reasons Why Buying Lobsters Online is Now a More Popular Option

Having lobsters as part of one’s regular diet is just for the lucky few, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and indulge yourself once in a while. But if you are in a landlocked state and are not quite sure that the lobsters you’re getting from your local … Continue reading

5 Important Tips to Throw a Great Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful. It is not an easy task at all especially if it is to be a great wedding. To come up with something nice requires a lot of effort to put things right. There are things that you should know whether you’re a wedding planner or … Continue reading

A Road Map to the Stages of Addiction

It is rare that a person becomes addicted to drugs overnight. Usually, they start taking drugs casually and continue through multiple stages. By the time they reach the addiction stage, seeking help from an addiction recovery center is often their only hope of becoming drug-free. The pathological progression of drug … Continue reading

Business Consort – Charity Golf Day

Business Consort would love to invite you along to their charity golf event – a day of enjoyment, corporate networking & fundraising to be held on Friday 8th July at Styal Golf Club, Cheshire. Any funds raised on the day will be donated to the Five Stars Scanner Appeal who … Continue reading

Treatment Window Thrown Open for Alzheimer’s

A team of US scientists has identified a critical time window of 15 years where treatments targeting the hallmark Alzheimer’s protein amyloid might have a greater effect. The study, published in Neurology, adds to evidence that early treatment in the diseases that cause dementia holds real hope for checking their destructive … Continue reading

Drugs for Different Conditions May Have Potential to Fight Alzheimer’s

UK researchers have suggested existing drugs for conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes could have potential benefits for people with Alzheimer’s. The review paper is published on Wednesday 31 October 2012 in the journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. The researchers carried out a review of existing evidence for … Continue reading

Why Leisure Centers Should Turn Green

Why leisure centers should turn green Growing concerns over the level of carbon emissions have led to worldwide government and political intervention in a consummate effort to protect the environment. A high level of chemical and power-sourced emissions has already had a detrimental effect on the environment, with forest and … Continue reading

People power unlocks the secrets of human spatial navigation

In May, we worked with Deutsche Telekom and researchers at University College London (UCL) and the University of East Anglia (UEA) to launch Sea Hero Quest. This fun game got you sailing through sunkissed tropical seas and memorising maps of stormy shores – all in the name of research. The … Continue reading

Writing for research

It became obvious a few years ago that things weren’t right with my sister. There was the memory loss, the muddling up of people’s names, forgetting what she was about to do – things that afflict us all as we grow older. We laughed about it, I remember. Tim, June … Continue reading

Four Ways to Suppress Your Appetite While Your are Dieting

Perhaps the biggest impediment to losing weight is hunger. Regardless of which type of diet you are on, the fundamental requirement for losing weight is to reduce your caloric intake. There is no way around this. When your body needs more energy than it is getting from food intake, it … Continue reading

Celebrities Couples with a huge Age Difference

When it comes to the matters of the heart, age is just a mere number. If you truly love each other it is well-known that age, weight, height and everything that has to do with numbers can be overlooked. This might sound like it is happening to ordinary people but … Continue reading

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