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Is It Anderson & Sheppard? Check the Pockets

Ok, it’s pretty obvious to all my readers I have a bit of soft spot for Anderson & Sheppard. Why? For one, that is where I was trained. Besides that, they are arguably the most successful firm on Savile Row, and without a doubt the most individual in style. So … Continue reading

Salt Cod with Chorizo and Chickpeas

The only time I eat dried food is normally when I’m having a “filthy” pot noodle or when I remember to soak some pulses, like black beans, chickpeas etc. But occasionally I use salt fish, which is also dried and something that is not very common in the UK, which … Continue reading

Nothing is More Healthy Than … Fat?

Fat has a bad reputation in our modern culture.  And that is putting it mildly.  Its consumption is blamed for everything from heart disease and strokes to earthquakes.  Alright, I made the last part up, but fat certainly gets a very bad rap. Is the bad rap deserved?  Absolutely not. … Continue reading

Nourishing Food Need Not Be Expensive

I often hear that obtaining a traditional diet is too expensive.  People argue that eating a nourishing diet that avoids all industrial foods and that includes some lacto-fermented foods, quality fats, raw dairy, and wild seafood or pasture-raised animals products is simply not financially feasible for the vast majority of the population.  In other words, even if people wanted to eat traditionally and … Continue reading

Who is Thomas Mahon?

Business Me:After more than twenty years experience of hand tailoring in Savile Row, I can offer my customers the traditions and expertise of the finest bespoke tailoring available today. At the moment I’m one of the youngest tailors on Savile Row, and am lucky to have enjoyed making for an … Continue reading

Spicy Sauted Potatoes with Sweetcorn & Peanuts

There are thousands of varieties of potatoes in the World and most of us will have certain favourites for certain dishes.  Most of us who cook regularly, will have worked out which potatoes to use for curries, chips, etc. The ones I used for this recipe are the ones used … Continue reading

Soda Bread or Donkey Bread

Keifer Derrin of food blog attempts to bake soda bread but instead invents a new kind of bread – Donkey Bread. All will be explained below… I learnt something the other day, not only should I RTFM, see previous post HERE, I should also try and learn my ingredients. … Continue reading

Snowflake Lemon Shortbread

Rich melt in the mouth lemon shortbread with a lovely citrus zing. Ingredients: 180 grams / 6 oz plain flour 60 grams / 2 oz sugar 120 grams /4 oz  butter Zest of 1 lemon 1 tablespoon milk Icing: 4 tablespoons icing sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon water approx Method: … Continue reading

Oiling the Shears

No, I’m not giving myself a haircut. Whenever you’re watching a cutter at work, you’ll see that from time to time he’ll open his shears and briskly run the blades through the back of his hair (that’s if he’s still got any, of course). No, this isn’t some kind of … Continue reading

My Thoughts About Judo

Judo was the first martial art I have ever practiced and, even after many years, I have good memories of the experience and I can still use good part of what I have learnt at the time. Description Judo is essentially a martial art based on throwing techniques: the intent, … Continue reading

The Tweed Vault

One of the biggest changes that has occured in Savile Row in the last few years is, sadly, the departure of cloth merchants who actually hold stock either on or around Savile Row. It’s the same old story – rent and rates have got so high that the cloth merchants … Continue reading

How to Spot a Drunken Tailor

This little piece isn’t going to directly improve your knowledge of Savile Row tailors. But if you’re around Savile Row on a Friday evening, I know a couple of watering holes that are a real education. Tailors will frequent all the haunts of the West End. But we will always … Continue reading

Tropical Tornado Mocktail

A tornado of tropical flavours bursting to cool and refresh your palate and quench your thirst. Preparation time – 10 mins Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 pineapple 100ml coconut water Ice cubes 1 small lime Lime and pineapple slices for garnish Method: 1. Peel the pineapple and cut into chunks (Reserve … Continue reading

Beans & Mash Bake (or Pizza with a Difference)

I was going to have  mashed potatoes with beans and  other various toppings for my meal but changed it to this dish to make it a bit more interesting and made this dish which I have named Beans & Mash Bake but it could be called Pizza with a Difference too!! Let … Continue reading

Telesales in Complementary Health

Whilst not specifically designed to gain more one to one clients, telesales can be very effective when selling complementary health packages, seminars or training to companies. It is however very important that you know how to approach a prospect on the telephone as there specific techniques which, if applied correctly, … Continue reading

Live Young and Prosper: The Dauer Way

The global average life expectancy during the early twentieth century was 31 years; today it stands at 67.2 years. The “Big Three”: food, health and hygiene are being hailed as miracle life longevity factors; however improving overall quality of life is far more complex than simply extending it. Without actually … Continue reading

3 Reasons To Use a Holster

For people who plan to carry a concealed weapon, an important part of the process involves finding a holster. In many parts of the United States, carrying a firearm around without having it in a holster is illegal. The laws regarding who can carry a gun and how vary from state … Continue reading

How to Press A Suit – Trousers

Thomas Mahon of English Cut demonstrates how to press suit trousers the way a Savile Row tailor would. Check the article What You Need To Press a Suit for further information. Follow

Breaking Down Bayesian

Science is the river of life. And as each droplet of knowledge is added to the flow, it advances slightly, modifying what was previously known. The 1740’s saw Thomas Bayes, an English reverend, conduct a thought experiment that would impress any modern day psychic. With no more than an assistant, … Continue reading

Cucumber Raita

Raita is a yogurt condiment flavoured with  grated or finely chopped vegetables, fruit or herbs and mustard to enhance the flavour.  In Gujarati  mustard is called “rai”.  “So a raita without mustard isn’t a raita”  according to the Gujaratis.  I used the ready made  English mustard which is fairly mild. … Continue reading

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