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Training Advice for Mesomorphs

This is the best body type to be in and is characterized by the presence of broad shoulders, a small waist, thick skin and a hard body. Also a strong posture, the readiness to gain muscle and lose body fat, the mesomorph is naturally very strong. Mesomorphs have bodies are … Continue reading

Bronzed Beach Beauty

Planning a getaway to a tropical island or beautiful beach resort? Or just want to re-create a Victoria’s Secret look? Here are some tips on how to get a beach babe inspired ‘no makeup’ makeup face. BB Cream It is preferable to choose a BB cream with spf as you … Continue reading

Are You “Skinny Fat”?

We all know someone at work or socially, who spends hours each week doing cardio, be it running, cycling or on the cross trainer at the gym, who stays very thin, with long skinny arms and legs and appears to have low body fat. But look closely and you may … Continue reading

Restricting Internet Porn

‘There’s no point in closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!’  I hear some of you shout incredulously. Well let me put it another way for you in a form of a question: Would you let your 12 year old child sit down in the living room and … Continue reading

Contact Training for Self Defence

This post is discussing the importance of contact training in martial arts, particularly in view of their effectiveness in self defence situations. Once I welcomed a new student in my club: he stated to be nearly at Dan level in his club back home.  He practiced a style of Korean … Continue reading

Punjabi Samosas – To Fry or Not to Fry?

Samosas are available in most places in the world as little triangle pastries filled with a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian fillings.  They can be eaten as a snack with a cup of tea or served as a starter with any meal.   Gujarati samosas are usually smaller and … Continue reading

Adaptation Gives Better Results when Exercising

Many clients hire personal trainers to achieve their goals, stating that the particular machines or methods of exercising that they have used for a length of time, have not enabled them to yet see results. For example they may have been using the cross trainer every day for months and … Continue reading

Spinach Curry

I made this really quick and easy Spinach Curry (also called Saag in some restaurants) as we were hungry and didn’t have time to make an elaborate meal. I usually serve spinach curry with khichedi and chapatis but on this occasion we had it with rice and naan bread. Ingredients … Continue reading

Stir Fried Rice

I  made this quick and easy stir fried rice for us all when we were all hungry one midnight after playing Monopoly!! Ingredients for 4-6 servings: 4 cups cooked plain basmati rice 1 medium potato 1/2 cup peas (I used frozen peas) 1 onion sliced finely (I used red onion) … Continue reading

The Paradox of Hidden Simplicity

If you look around you, if you think about the world surrounding us simplicity is where everything starts and ultimately where the main goal for most is: this is described very well in John Maeda’s “The Laws of Simplicity” that I encourage you all to read. We have today devices … Continue reading

Mango and Ginger Cheesecake

The inspiration of this recipe is from a dessert called Eton’s mess which a friend of mine had made and my son loved it. I was looking to make something similar but eggless. I managed to get some juicy Indian mangoes so I used them to make this layered dessert … Continue reading

Muscles and Exercise

1. Quadriceps 2. Hamstrings 3. Calves 4. Chest 5. Back 6. Shoulders 7. Triceps 8. Biceps 9. Forearms 10. Trapezius 11. Abs  1. Quadriceps The thigh is formed of 4 large muscles hence the term “quads” or quadriceps. These are easy to work effectively using a range of exercises, the … Continue reading

What is the Key to Your Universe?

Occasionally I have one or both of my nephews around to stay with me at the weekend, they are currently aged 6 and 7. This usually gives me the opportunity to regress a bit and have a lot of fun. I get to play games and eat unhealthily for a … Continue reading

Spice Up Your Diet for a bit of Extra Fat Burning!

Things are getting very exciting on the spice front! Ongoing research suggests that eating foods containing what are best known as ‘curry spices’ (cayenne, turmeric, cumin, coriander, fenugreek) may increase the body’s temperature by as much as 20 percent, meaning more calories are burned after a meal. A few small … Continue reading

Hyderabadi Daal

Today I would like to share with you a new dish, that was novel to me too until a few weeks ago. Many people have a certain mental image of daal when they hear the word. When I saw the recipe for this daal on TV, I was itching to … Continue reading

Martial Arts and the Subconscious

Have you ever heard expressions like: Practicing martial arts without thinking? Going with the instinct? Thinking is too slow in a fighting situation? The main purpose of learning complicated moves and combinations during most martial arts practice brings two main advantages: improving the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints involved in … Continue reading

Apple Pie

Keifer Derrin of food blog delves into the world of baking and tries out a recipe for the classic apple pie. I haven’t done any baking for a while, apart from bread, so I decided to make an apple pie, as I’d never made one before. Yes I know I’ve … Continue reading

On The Milk Round

Nutrition and Fitness Expert Nadia Tejani takes a look at the different types of milk currently available and assesses their health benefits… there’s more to milk than you might think! Each year we purchase 5 billion litres of milk and an additional 6 billion litres are used in dairy products. … Continue reading

Oh Please, Not Another Epidemic!

I’m afraid so. Vitamin D deficiency has now reached epidemic levels with recent estimates indicating that more than 50% of the global population is at risk. A high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency has been found across all age groups in all populations studied and even those who are otherwise … Continue reading

Iced Orange and Apple Tea

Refreshing summer drink that is delicious and cooling. Preparation time- 10 minutes Chilling  time -2 hours Serves 4 Ingredients: 2 teabags 1 tablespoon sugar 300 ml boiling water 150 ml apple juice 150ml orange juice 1 cinnamon stick Method: 1. Place tea bags in a pot and add boiling water. … Continue reading

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