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Question Time at Addenbrooke’s

Inspired by the BBC’s famed Question Time programme chaired by David Dimbleby, ACT presents an exciting debate at Addenbrooke’s Hospital on current affairs within the NHS to be chaired by Quentin Cooper, Science Journalist and current presenter of BBC Radio 4’s weekly Material World. ACT is the independent registered charity … Continue reading

Stevenage Family’s Son’s Plight Eased by Local Charity Support

Our son Travis was born at 24 weeks old in our local hospital in Luton and Dunstable.  A few weeks after the birth though it became apparent to the doctors that something wasn’t right and he was in severe pain in his stomach. At only two and a half weeks … Continue reading

Scientists Discover How Sugars Control Hallmark Alzheimer’s Protein

A study by scientists in Canada and the US has shown that a chemical change to a hallmark Alzheimer’s protein, tau, can stop it from forming toxic tangles – a characteristic of the disease. The findings, published online on 26 February in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, open up new … Continue reading

Drugs for Different Conditions May Have Potential to Fight Alzheimer’s

UK researchers have suggested existing drugs for conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes could have potential benefits for people with Alzheimer’s. The review paper is published on Wednesday 31 October 2012 in the journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. The researchers carried out a review of existing evidence for … Continue reading

5 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

For hard-core motorcyclists, there is never a bad time to be on the open road. But now that summer is just around the corner, motorcyclists of all skill levels are coming out in droves, celebrations are being held, and road trips are underway. This annual occurrence makes May the ideal … Continue reading

Simple, Entertaining Activities That Will Help You Train the Mind

There are many ways to achieve a balanced and healthy life. Maintaining a sufficient amount of rest at night and staying positive are both great ways to get started. You can also eat a healthy, full breakfast and let yourself enjoy a nice cup of coffee – or tea – … Continue reading

Defeating Dementia: a Horse’s Tale

Hello! My name’s Coda and I have been dancing circles for quite a few months now… something the humans call ‘dressage’. I like it because my riders, Dave and Ruth, seem very happy when they have a red ribbon to hold up. And also because I get yummy treats! A … Continue reading

The magic of flowers is always surreal

India is a land of opportunities, great people, rich culture and happy, happening people. You will get the best blend of cheerful people, placid places, stunning hilly range, magnificent mountains, roaring jungles and so much more. It like that the whole country as a package is ideal for anyone. The … Continue reading

Simplify the Holiday Season

Simplify the Holiday Season As the holidays approach, the days get shorter and our lives become more hectic. The hustle and bustle of Christmas is added to our already busy schedules that are filled with work and school related activities, but there is a way to simplify the holiday season … Continue reading

How To Win Money Playing Slot Games

There is only one thing that people enjoy more than playing slots, and that’s winning at them – you can learn more about slot at the previous link. You just cannot argue with that, everybody loves a bit dollar in their pocket, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. But, … Continue reading

It is Immoral to Stop People from Medical Marijuana Use

People suffering from different types of pain and illnesses clamour for the legalisation of medical marijuana. These people won’t advocate for it if they think there are other options out there. They have tried several forms of medications through the years, and they found medical marijuana to be effective. Therefore, … Continue reading

Viatical Settlement is a Stress-free Process

It’s not easy to accept that you’re going to die because of a terminal illness. Despite that, you need to remain strong and fight your illness as much as you can for the people you love. It’s admirable for you to try everything to recover, but you also need to … Continue reading

Tribute Paid to Charity Which Helped Local Family

The Elsie Norman Fund for Acorn House has presented The Sick Children’s Trust with a cheque for £13,420.00 as a thank you for all its help over the last three years. When Max and Charlotte Norman’s daughter, Elsie, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in June 2008, Charlotte and her … Continue reading

Research Studies Reveal Clues to Keeping the Brain Healthy

Three studies have been presented at the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, shedding more light on the factors that might influence brain health in ageing. The first study was led by scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles, who studied data from a group … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Make Dubai Your Next Vacation Destination

There is no shortage of places you can go on vacation in the world. Chances are, you’ve got a lengthy bucket list already! Why add another location, like Dubai, to the list? Dubai is nothing like it was just a few decades ago when it was just a small city … Continue reading

Best Manly Hobbies for Men

Every man needs a hobby – but what are the best pastimes for men who like to spend their leisure time doing manly pursuits? Well, the good news is, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to manly hobbies – in fact, the biggest challenge will be making your … Continue reading

Am I Eligible for Motability?

If you’ve been injured or have a medical condition that has affected your ability to walk, you can often feel trapped in your home. Fortunately, there are devices that you can lease that will help you regain some mobility, such as electric scooters and power chairs, but they can be … Continue reading

The Top Experts’ Advice on Selecting a Kitchen Worktop: Colours, Materials, and More

If you have decided to replace your kitchen worktop, you can be sure to receive advice from all sides – family members, friends, and even acquaintances won’t hesitate to give you their advice when it comes to choosing the best worktop. But whilst this advice can come in useful at, … Continue reading

Reading the signs – Fred’s story

Fred Walker’s wife Joan lived life to the full – it was one of the many things he loved about her. But in 2010, Alzheimer’s robbed Fred of his beloved wife. They had been married 46 years. Joan declined slowly and it wasn’t until he looked back, that Fred realised … Continue reading

Laying Out Your Itinerary for Your Dream Vacation

You may have saved and planned for months or years for your upcoming vacation. Why put the opportunity to make memories at risk by not knowing what you want to do once you arrive to your destination. Whether you are traveling on your own or taking part in a group … Continue reading

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