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Alzheimer’s Changes Detected Decades Before Symptoms Show

Scientists in the US have tracked some of the earliest Alzheimer’s changes in a group of people with high risk of a rare early-onset form of the disease. The findings will help scientists to understand what happens in the brain during Alzheimer’s and could aid early detection of disease. The … Continue reading

Fall in Love with Lancôme – Rouge in Love

Rouge in Love – An instant must-have, an irresistible ‘pret a pouter’ lipstick ‘Rouge in Love was probably the product I was most excited about when I came on board to work with Lancôme because I think it’s one of the youngest products that Lancôme has created. I love all … Continue reading

Best Manly Hobbies for Men

Every man needs a hobby – but what are the best pastimes for men who like to spend their leisure time doing manly pursuits? Well, the good news is, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to manly hobbies – in fact, the biggest challenge will be making your … Continue reading

Selling a Product? Get Your Packaging Right

Trying to sell a product in a crowded marketplace can feel like an incredibly difficult task. Even if you believe in what you’re selling, getting it into the right stores, and then into the right hands, can be a huge problem. One of the things you can control though is … Continue reading

How Adjusters can Help with Insurance Claims

When circumstances arise that require filing an insurance claim, hiring an adjuster can make the process much simpler. Dealing with the damages to a home is stressful and often the homeowner begins to feel like the insurance company is trying to find ways to deny their claim. The insurance company … Continue reading

Running Down Dementia

If you’re looking to get fit this summer, there’s no better motivation than Alzheimer’s Research UK’s latest challenge, Running Down Dementia. Launched in collaboration with parkrun, which offers free timed 5km runs across the country every weekend, Running Down Dementia challenges participants to run 100km over the summer and raise … Continue reading

Send the message of Love with a Cake

A cake is a signature of ‘celebration’. Whether you are planning for a birthday party or going to treat someone, nothing is as captivating as a cake. Any celebration is incomplete without a cake. It makes more surprising and turns a celebration more delicate when you are in distance from … Continue reading

5 Reasons for Having an ESA Animal

There is a lot of talk about emotional support animals nowadays. From how they help people to get through their troubles to how they can go places with us (or not), you will find that there are a lot of these animals helping and working with people when they need … Continue reading

Benefits of Learning How to Swim

Do you live close to a lake or an ocean? Do you have a nice pool at your apartment complex? Has it always bothered you that you cannot take advantage of these things because you do not know how to swim? If this is the case, you need to take … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Protein Amyloid is Strong Predictor of Memory Decline

Research from Australia has revealed that the presence of the hallmark Alzheimer’s protein amyloid in the brain is a greater predictor of memory decline than carrying the Alzheimer’s risk gene APOE4. The research is published on 16 October in the journal Neurology. The protein amyloid occurs naturally in the brain, … Continue reading

Cambridgeshire Campaigner Made Champion of Alzheimer’s Research UK

Sarah King, from Linton in Cambridgeshire, has been made a Champion of Alzheimer’s Research UK. Sarah was given the title in recognition of her exceptional support for the charity after her husband, Andrew, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease when he was just 43. The national charity, based in Great … Continue reading

Cancer Drug Clears Alzheimer’s Protein and Improves Cognition in Mice

US scientists have found that a skin cancer drug is able to clear a known Alzheimer’s protein, amyloid, from the brains of mice. The study, which also showed the mice had cognitive improvements, is published in the journal Science. Researchers at Case Western University studied the effects of a drug called … Continue reading

Sleep Hormone and Exercise Show Alzheimer’s Benefits in Mice

A study has shown that a combination of physical exercise and treatment with the hormone melatonin could have benefits in mice bred to show features of Alzheimer’s. The research was published this week in the journal Neurobiology of Aging. The hormone melatonin is involved in the control of the sleep-wake … Continue reading

The Infectious Culture of Horse Racing Events: The Grand National

When many of us think of horse racing we tend to think of its raw sporting form, we think of the odds and bets, and we think of the runners. And yet there is a much deeper and broader culture to horse racing bubbling underneath the surface that stirs emotions … Continue reading

Life with dementia: my family’s experience

My grandmother, Dorothy Pye, succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease in her later years.  We saw signs of forgetfulness from her late seventies onwards, but it wasn’t until she was in her early eighties that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She was moved into full time care shortly after that. With Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

Writing for research

It became obvious a few years ago that things weren’t right with my sister. There was the memory loss, the muddling up of people’s names, forgetting what she was about to do – things that afflict us all as we grow older. We laughed about it, I remember. Tim, June … Continue reading

How to create the perfect couple’s bathroom

A bathroom, nowadays, has much more to it than just a room for bathing and cleansing. There’s always something special about doing your bathrooms a little extra, especially the shared bathrooms. There are ideas you could use to inspire your bathroom interior. A soothing experience, warm tub of water, exotic … Continue reading

Tribute Paid to Charity Which Helped Local Family

The Elsie Norman Fund for Acorn House has presented The Sick Children’s Trust with a cheque for £13,420.00 as a thank you for all its help over the last three years. When Max and Charlotte Norman’s daughter, Elsie, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in June 2008, Charlotte and her … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Decline More Dramatic in ‘Young Old’

Research suggests that despite the risk of Alzheimer’s increasing with age, those in their 60s and 70s show faster rates of decline than people who develop the disease at an older age. The study is published online on 2 August in the journal PLoS ONE. While developing the disease is not … Continue reading

Research Studies Reveal Clues to Keeping the Brain Healthy

Three studies have been presented at the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, shedding more light on the factors that might influence brain health in ageing. The first study was led by scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles, who studied data from a group … Continue reading

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