Cottage Self Catering: An Excellent Option

Cottage self catering an excellent option

There are many accommodation options for a family wanting to go on holiday. Some people prefer a hotel; it is a chance for mum to forget cooking and washing up for a couple of weeks. However, eating in the same hotel every night can be a little boring. There is the adventure of camping or caravanning as well, but an excellent idea is to book a cottage with a specialist company offering a number of different locations.

No need to cook

Mum doesn’t need to cook because in most tourist areas there are plenty of places to go for meals of all styles and qualities. When it comes to places like the Lake District it is nice to have the freedom to relax one day and be active the next; perhaps dine out one night and do some cooking the next.

A real specialist holiday company will cater for all budgets and a range of occupancy. The information that companies now include on their websites is very comprehensive. Ecommerce is as strong in the travel sector as any other sector and people wanting to book their holiday online need to be able to see the accommodation that is on offer as well as telling potential clients about themselves and the services they offer.


Destination choices

Cumbria Cottages by Lake Cottage Holiday is a good example of a company that can provide accommodation in a number of places throughout the Lake District. It is an area that offers so much, with lots to see and do. People return time and again, some with a favourite place that they want to visit each year, others understanding the quality of the whole Region and wanting something new each year.

Duke of Portland Boathouse courtesy of Lake Cottage Holiday

There is always a lake nearby or some Fells for the walkers, market towns and villages for shopping and a taste of history of the area. Little industry remains now; it is very much a tourist orientated area at most times of the year. There is a slate mine that is still producing and offers underground tours for a family that wants something different. Most are just happy to enjoy the fresh air.

Plenty of choice

The Lake District is very accessible with the UK road network though travelling around the smaller roads may mean leaving a little extra time for the journey; it is a minor inconvenience and there are plenty of quiet areas for those that want to keep away from the crowds.

When it comes to a Lake District holiday the Internet is a wonderful source of information. Tourism is the number one industry and the area is keen to let everyone know what they have to offer. Research can be done fairly easily to see what the family wants to do on holiday and then the cottage booked after making a decision on a suitable location. Anyone deciding on this wonderful National Park will not regret it and is likely to return home wanting a return trip.

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