Companies Figure Out How to Get More Productivity from Young Workers

The corporate world is changing in a hurry. Today’s companies are looking for creative new ways to deal with a demographic shift in the workplace. The existing workforce is ageing. More of the so-called Baby Boomers are entering retirement age. With them going out, a new generation of workers is coming in. These workers are different. They have different mindsets, different skill sets, and they are looking for new things from their employers. This presents some key challenges for companies that want to get the most from their workers. Managing millennials in the workplace is the new frontier for companies that want to succeed.

What do these workers want from a company? For one, they want to be a part of something that is contributing positively to the planet. Millennials are more concerned than any generation before them with having a job that can provide them with great purpose. While some people in previous generations have been concerned with buying a house or having the American Dream, young workers overwhelmingly see their job as a place where they can make a difference while also earning a paycheck. What does this mean for companies employing them? Mostly it means that those companies must provide young workers with an avenue through which they can gain the purpose they are after.

In addition to purpose, young workers are looking for a workplace that provides them with keen flexibility. Young workers are fine with long hours, but they want more control over where those hours are worked. Companies today have to be more willing to provide young people with the chance to work outside of the office. Whether this means allowing more work from home or it means allowing people to take meetings in coffee shops, it is incumbent on employers to adjust to this changing need in young people. If companies want to have success, they have to be able to accommodate many of the shifts in the world today.

On top of that, managing young workers is about ensuring they know they are a part of the company’s value chain. More than anything else, young workers dislike the feeling that they are just cogs in a bigger wheel. Instead of that, they want to believe that their work matters. The challenge for companies, then, is to ensure that communication is strong in the corporate culture and that young workers are given a full accounting of their standing.

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