Commuting lifestyles: How to get used to the C-word

A generation or two ago, and commuting certainly wasn’t a thing. Or, if it was, it was only open to a select few who might be able to carry it out on a very restricted basis.

Now, it’s something that has really opened up. There’s no doubt that technology is largely to thank for this, and we’re not just talking about advancements in the travel networks. If you haven’t heard the news, more companies are allowing their employees to work from home, and from a commuter’s point of view this can obviously open up a few opportunities as there are fewer days in which traveling is required.

Of course, even if you are trying to reduce the number of the days you are getting to a different city for work, it can still be a slog. Today’s post has therefore been written to help you through it somewhat, and offer a few tips that make the process that little bit easier.

Pick your days and times wisely

If it wasn’t for rush hour, most commutes would be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, we don’t reside in such a world.

In short, this is something that is going to dictate your commute. It means that you must pick and choose your times wisely and if you have elected to take a long commute on a Monday morning or Friday evening, you’re asking for delays.

At the same time, any travel taking place between 7am and 9am or 5pm and 7pm is also asking for traffic, so try and plan your hours to avoid these. Granted, it might not always be possible, but if you are looking to commit to a new job with a long commute this can be one of your first ports of call for negotiations.

Don’t race out of the office at any opportunity

Following on from the above, we’re all probably in agreement when we say that we are trying to beat the traffic at any opportunity.

This sometimes plays against the plight of an office worker though. It’s in these cases where it becomes difficult to build relationships; there’s no room for after-work drinks or anything else that can help you get to know others a bit better.

As such, try and not be overly stringent with your time in this regard. While you don’t have to make yourself appear at every work social event, at least make the effort to attend some – even if it means hitting rush hour traffic.

Take your time with any temporary accommodation

Particularly if your commute is longer than average, some people rightfully try and find temporary accommodation. This can sometimes come in the form of a hotel, but more often than not it’s an apartment.

This is the type of decision that can make or break your commute. Choose a bad area, and you’ll be left cursing every part of your new job. Choose a good one, and everything suddenly feels a lot more manageable. As such, take your time with this decision. Find local storage options to house your belongings as you ask fellow employees, estate agents and everyone else just what the best areas to live in your commuting destination are.

Use your time wisely

At first, the car can seem like the most obvious mode of transport. Over time, this can be the option that really drains your commute though.

Let’s not forget that the car doesn’t allow you to do anything productive, other than get from A to B. Sure, it adds flexibility, but if you consider the train or even the bus, you can at least sit back and relax. A lot of people find that this is the best time to learn a new skill, which might serve you even better now you are battling with a long commute.

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