Comfort Foods

After a bad day, everyone wants to come to a home cooked meal by someone. Be it their mom, their dad, their lover, their sister or they can just cook for themselves. There will also be those sad and lonely days when all is needed is the comfort food. Not the intimacy, just the food.

Comfort food, this is the food that cuddles us after a bad day at work. It makes us feel a whole lot better. It gives the strength to carry on. That food that makes us cheat on our diet everyone now and again. It also has the ability to bring back old memories. Giving us the feeling that everything will be okay.

Comfort food is not comforting food without burgers and French fries. Be it from MacDonald’s or any other top burger joint. And you can enjoy the comfort foods even as you are playing online casino games.

Grilled Cheese takes the cup when it comes to best comfort food ever. Simple to make and never lets us down. The taste is just amazing. On top of all that, it wipes all our sorrows away. Talking about cheese, what better way to find comfort in food than by mixing the beloved cheese with macaroni? Giving us the all-time favourite macaroni and cheese. This is about as comforting as it gets.

Chocolate too also falls under the best comfort food. The way it melts on our tongue after a long hard day. Be it Mint, White, Red Velvet, there is always is a piece of chocolate that will help us through the sad and lonely times.

“Ice cream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream”. That we all do! We all love ice-cream. We love it some much we even have it on the cold days. This because as cold as it is, ice cream will still provides a piece of comfort. There’s even a “Chocolate slot” for punter where punters get the chance to indulge in some sweet novelty spins, visit bestusacasinosites for more information.

We can’t speak of comfort foods without mentioning pizza. Pizza does have carbs, but hey it has a lot more too. Like amazing flavours that can put a smile on our faces on any day, even the bad ones.

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