College Fashion: Sixth Form Prep

River Island encourages warmth with fur and long draped jackets. This is an effortless look for sixth form.

River Island encourages warmth with fur and long draped jackets. This is an effortless look for sixth form.

Going to college means more independence as you wave goodbye to the boring plaque uniforms and say hello to the energetic clothes that were once hiding in your wardrobe. Even though there’s more flexibility with what you wear, in 6th Form schools you might find your choice of outfits are limited. With the imposed uniform rules it makes us automatically think we are expected to dress up like our teachers (with unflattering flared trousers and long sleeved shirts, week-after-week) when this is not necessarily the fact. This is the very reason we must be pro-active in thinking of the style we want to pursue for the next few years.

Common Uniform Code:

6th Form schools want to be differentiated from colleges, not because they think they’re academically above, but because the  a-level students are associated with setting an example to the younger years. This makes it all the more difficult in wearing our favorite high-waisted shorts… but with the 3 Rs we can get through 6th form with no problems:

  • Respond well to the rules- you’re already going into a new learning environment so don’t add more stress than necessary 
  • Respect the code- it’s not the end of the world- in fact- your are challenging your fashion ability rather than playing it safe by just wearing simple jeans to school
  • Replace the disapproved clothes with this years A/W trends, that encourage the “less is more” stamina. Such is shown in River Island’s collection- who promote the his-is-hers 2013 trends of oversized coats and hats, also pursued by designers such as Alexander Wang and Stella Mcartney.

It may be quiet expensive to buy a bulk of clothing from high street shops such as River Island or Top Shop, however their cosy collection offers quality over quantity that is sure to last you for a long time. Perhaps buying coats, bottoms and shoes from high end shops, while buying simple and affordable tops elsewhere such as Primark or Select will do you advantage.

Here is to wishing you the best of luck in your results and settling in 6th form!

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