CitySocialising Cambridge Events: 17-24 October 2011

City Connect supports the Cambridge events held by CitySocialising Cambridge where you can meet new people, enjoy socialising at events in Cambridge and increase your social circle. We are proud to promote these Cambridge events to our City Connect readers making them accessible to all. If you are interested in the following Cambridge events, either leave a comment below or go to the CitySocialising website. If you have any suggestions for other Cambridge events for us to promote, please contact us directly.

City Connect highlights the following CitySocialising Cambridge events happening this week. For more information and to RSVP online visit CitySocialising and sign up for free.

New Members Night
Date: Wednesday 19th October
Time: 7pm
Event Description: Come along to meet new and existing CitySocialising members, mingle over drinks and enjoy a fun evening hosted by Cuty Connect’s Alan Philippe. This is the perfect event for those you haven’t been to a Social yet, those who want to make friends with new people and those who want a taste of the best new way to socialise in Cambridge. Meeting new people can be a bit nerve-wracking but once you’ve attended a Social, as any host or regular will tell you, it becomes second nature! Alan Philippe will be on hand during the evening to welcome you, introduce you to other CitySocialisers and answer any questions you might have about CitySocialsing Cambridge, but really it’s just a great opportunity to dive straight in and start mixing with new people! We’re sure that by the end of the night you’ll find that CitySocialising members are as laid-back, chatty, friendly and as sociable as people say they are.

Bijoumiyo Live – Freestyle Funk and Soul
Date: Thursday 20th October
Time: 9pm
Event Description: With 500+ international performances across UK, Europe and the Middle-East, Bijoumiyo’s five-piece funk/soul/rock jam-band are one of the most successful music acts to come out of Cambridge in recent times and always know how to get the place moving the way it should. They are influenced by a range of renowned artists from James Brown, Santana, Funkadelic, Herbie Hancock and many more. Attendees to this Cambridge event will be meeting up at a central Cambridge bar, just around the corner from the music venue to have a few drinks before heading to enjoy a night of funk and soul, performed live! The gig starts at 10pm, giving plenty time to mingle with other CitySocialisers!



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