Christmas Gifts and Décors to Make Celebrations Special in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps does not lag-behind when it comes to celebrate Christmas. Whether you visit the St. John’s Church in Colaba, the St. Thomas Cathedral on Veer Nariman Road, or any other church in the city, there is festive mood all around with decorations and densely crowded gatherings. If you are partying at home for the occasion, it is still possible to create the same aura of magnificence provided you gather the Christmas Gifts in Mumbai to surprise your loved ones, friends, relatives, colleagues and others.


Christmas tree, Bells, and Baubles

The first thing that comes to the mind when decorating your home for the occasion is the Christmas tree. The decorations are incomplete without this inclusion. They are available in different sizes and looks. If you are partying indoors, it is preferable to place a small one of about 1-1.5 inches tall. If you are all set to plan a lawn party this year, the height of the X-Mas tree should be at least 3 feet or even more.

When it comes to ornate the Christmas tree, there is no end to the ideas. You can try different combinations of colourful baubles, bells, small gift boxes, satin ribbons, stars and much more to embellish the tree. The red poinsettia flower is a very significant part of the Christmas celebrations. If natural ones are not available, you can go for the artificial ones as a permanent décor inclusion. You can prepare a long series of these flowers to hang around the mirror, balcony and other places of choice.

Cakes, Confectionary and Wine

When it comes to choosing the chocolate boxes for kids and classic wine selections for the family, the online gift portals offer an enormous collection of multiple variables. If you are worried about sending fresh cakes to Mumbai based relatives and friends, you can simply mention the desired delivery time and date. The wide network of confectioners takes complete responsibility to deliver fresh and hygienic products.

Candles and Lights                                                                                                                         

Candles are very important for the Christmas party. You can place them everywhere throughout the house. Nowadays, you can find beautiful, vibrant colour designer candles online. However, the candles look brilliant when placed on glass or crystal Votive. You can also place some floating candles in a large crystal glass bowl on the center table.

The lighting is indispensable part of the Christmas pre-party decorations. There are manifold ideas to explore the creativity. You can put String lights outdoors, on the X-Mas tree, balcony and so on. Nowadays, the colour changing LED lights are highly popular and very beautiful lighting items for the garden area, entrance gate and other places. You can also hang icicle lights from the rooftop outdoors. If you want to highlight the pathway in the lawn, placing path and yard stakes on either side can spruce up and highlight the area during the lawn party.

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Summing it up,

There is virtually no shortage of variations, you can try to decorate your home during the X-Mas or choose gift hampers. Whether you are partying at home or attending one in your friends’ home, you can choose to receive online gifts, exotic flower bouquets and cakes to Mumbai locations even at midnight or any fixed time delivery of your choice. As the festivities are nearing, do take in some time to plan everything to make every moment special on this Christmas.

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