Charitable Bachelorette Party

A wedding should reflect the couple getting married.  While some people thrive on the attention and being in the spotlight for the day, others feel the extravagance is just not for them. Many brides are taking advantage of their big day to make a difference in the lives of others.  They want to spend time with their bridal party, have some fun and celebrate the new beginning in their life, but they want it to count for something more.

Charitable bachelorette parties have become very popular with the modern couple.  Below you will find a couple of ideas on things your bridal party can do in your honour to help others.

Prepare care packages for residents of a nursing home

Seniors are a great asset to our country.  They paved the way to life’s roads that we take for granted.  It is not unusual for many seniors to spend days, weeks, and months without visitors. Many have no local family. Even family that live close enough to visit often find it hard to fit visits into their schedules.  In some senior care facilities, the resident has little or no money. The money they receive from their social security benefits goes to the facility for their upkeep.

Instead of a bachelorette party, get together and put together care packages for the residents. The money you would have spent on clubbing will buy soaps, lotions, socks, hygiene supplies, small fleece blankets, and slippers.  Pack them in colourful bags or gift boxes. Make sure you check with the facility about any restrictions (such as candy since some people may be diabetic).

After the wedding, arrange the flowers with ribbons into bunches and deliver the flowers and care packages. Arrange the date and time so the residents can be assembled.  If you have children or pets, most facilities will allow you to bring them to the visit. The seniors love it.


Decide as a group on a cause that means something to the bride and groom.  Perhaps they are concerned with childhood cancer. Maybe they have a family member who has Alzheimer’s or heart disease. Once the cause has been identified, set-up a free crowdfunding site through Plumfund.  Plumfund is the site to register for your free fundraising event. Go to work promoting your cause.  Brainstorm about how to get the word out.  Fire up the smart phones and get social media talking. Arrange an event to help raise money and awareness, like a neighbourhood block party or a 5K run.  Clean out your closets and have a garage sale. Use your imagination to help raise the funds for a donation to the cause of their choice.

Note: they may have a friend, family member, or co-worker who is going through something difficult. The cause can be helping that person or family that is in need. Be discreet and tasteful with your fundraising and give it your all.

Have some fun too!

Make sure you take at least one evening to celebrate as a group.  This can be a popcorn and movie night at your house, or a girls day out shopping and have lunch. The point is to take the time to pat yourselves on the back and to celebrate the wedding of a wonderful and caring friend.

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