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Ssshhh… Britain’s best kept secret is finally out! Do you know that Selfridges voted the best department store in England in 2010 houses a truly remarkable young lady by the name of Jayne Wallace? A celebrated and highly respected natural professional Clairvoyant and renowned Medium, Jayne is ranked by many as Britain’s ‘best’ living psychic.

Jayne Wallace – celebrity psychic

A cultivated classic brunette with pretty features she radiates a powerful and magnetic personality that you cannot but help being fascinated by. Passionately pursued by notable VIPS and famous celebrities alike she is trusted for her candid and extremely accurate psychic predictions and amazing insights. A visit to her website reveals an accolade of stars who have consulted with Jayne and acknowledged her psychic skills. The founder and mastermind behind ‘Psychic Sisters’, a company of all female Psychic Practitioners formed in 2006 based on the Lower Ground Floor in Selfridges near the book department, her professional team offers diverse quality readings consisting of Tarot, Mediumship, Healing and Astrology to interested visitors within sumptuous and stylish surroundings. She has inspired a cult following amongst her high profile clients made up of movers and shakers from the Film & Music industry and international Royal circles.

A gifted author as well as talented clairvoyant she has recently just shared her first book with the world and completed a popular book signing tour across the country with such stars as singer Sinitta attending her book launch party. Her book “My Psychic Stories” retailing at £6.99 at all good bookstores has received tremendous public acclaim. Her autobiographical account details inspiring and touchingly personal stories punctuated with spiritual narrative and bound together with entertaining anecdotes. She writes with a profound compassion and conviction that leaves a memorable imprint on your heart. Writing her book was an emotional catharsis for Jayne as she speaks out on many topics that even close personal friends were not aware of.

Jayne has been supported in her incredible work since the age of six by her special spirit guide Star who helps her to pick up energy from her surroundings, in particular buildings which provide her with detailed information of the psychic impressions and actions of the individuals connected to the buildings. When the impressions become overwhelming Jayne ‘closes’ herself down and psychically defends herself from overstimulation. Being too stimulated would result in Jayne being thrown out of balance and would have a temporary adverse affect on her psychic gifts.

To name just a few of her skills, she can locate missing objects including persons and even pets by just holding personal items belonging to them. Inspired by late Doris Stokes another amazing platform spiritualist medium, Jayne likes to tap into her clients past, present and futures. She often successfully helps to connect grieving clients with loved ones who have passed over to the other side, providing them with comforting messages. Jayne first discovered that she had a gift for communicating with the dearly departed when as a young child she could ‘sense’ things.

Her talent has brought her into close proximity with some very important people including royal families to help find missing members lost in airplane tragedies. In her line of work she has also offered assistance with child abductions and kidnapping cases.

I sent along a volunteer to meet Jayne and receive a psychic reading. Ms. Siamma Khan from Leeds kindly offered to meet Jayne at Selfridges and to comment on her experience.

Siamma Khan with Jayne Wallace

On the day of Ms. Siamma Khan’s psychic reading we were filled with excitement and nerves, like two school girls we made our way into Selfridges fabulous department store pass the tempting book department to find Jayne’s “mystical corner” where her gifted team were neatly tucked away with complete privacy and discretion behind prettily draped silvercrushed velvet curtains. The first thing we saw were an array of shelves stocked with fragrant candles in every shade imaginable, exotic crystals and beautiful trinkets and scented aura mists.

As we stepped into Psychic Sisters we were immediately greeted by Jayne who gave us both a warm hug and offered us a drink. She then invited us to follow her into a specially selected room where Siamma received her magical reading. Dressed in smart grey slacks and black top Jayne epitomised elegance. Siamma looked beatiful in a delicate yet intricately decorated purple kaftan with matching glamorous sandals and jewellery. She was perfectly suited to her stunning surroundings. Jayne gently explained how she worked with her spirit guides and used special limited edition Tarot cards that cost over 500 pounds per set due to their rareness. She has plans to possibly create her own unique set plus user manual.

The actual reading lasted well over an hour with many topics and details touched upon with amazing accuracy. As objective observer i felt extremely priviliged to see Jayne in action. She delivered her reading with confident precision combined with cheeky endearing earthy humour. Siamma was composed and thoughtful throughout and listening intently to each insight quickly picked up.

After her reading, Jayne very generously presented her with lovely scented candles, a book on love and some bottles of aromatic special blended perfume aura oils that she designed herself.

Jayne also offered me a personal reading out of the blue with star reader Jackie Cox who specialises in Tarot, Angel cards and clairvoyance. She immediately launched into an amazing reading which left me speechless but thankful for her helpful hints in terms of career guidance. Both Siamma and I would highly recommend that you book a trip to Selfridges today to book your reading with this gifted set of Psychic ladies.

Despite Jayne’s compassionate and professional personality her psychic talents have sometimes created conversation. Once on a visit to Australia she was nearly arrested for using Tarot cards in public. Both her team and herself have also come under unfair attack from skeptics who have issued Psychic Sisters with certain threats in the past. Jayne encourages an ethical approach to her work by being an active member of BAPS- British Association of Psychics, a body dedicated to working towards providing professional regulation. Luckily Jayne can count more supporters than she can detractors and therefore continue to help the many people that really matter – her deeply grateful public.

I would like to thank Jayne Wallace for agreeing to be interviewed and for sharing the fascinating details of her work. As soon as details of her next book are received we will publish book touring dates for your attention. Signed copies of her current book “My Psychic Stories” can be obtained through her website.

To book an appointment to see Jayne and her team at Selfridges you can contact her on e-mail: girls@psychicsisters.co.uk or via her website: www.psychicsisters.co.uk

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