Celebrities Who Teach You Never Give Up

When we see celebrities, we see all the fame, glitz and glamour. What we do not know is the amount of time and effort that it takes to get there. As well as how many times they had to pick themselves up after hitting rock bottom. On that note, we shall take a look at some celebrities who will inspire you to never give up. Even as a gambler at us casinos online, this article will teach you not to give up in life.

J.K Rowling

Author of one the best novels turned into films J.K Rowling can tell you that good things sure do take time. 3 years before Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published, she had to manually type out each page and send it to publishers as she had no photocopier. Her book was rejected dozens of times. This was until Bloomsbury, a small London publisher gave it a second chance after the CEO’s 8-year-old daughter fell in love with it.

Tyler Perry

Comedy fans have surely head of Madea and the man who created the character. Perry, growing up had a rough childhood and was a victim of both sexual and physical abuse. He also attempted to commit suicide twice. His first theatre production in 1993 failed miserably, with only 30 people in the audience. After 6 years, the show finally became a success.

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Emily Blunt

Before she landed leading roles and parred in the big screens Emily Blunt was just an ordinary girl. One who had a very bad stutter, so much that she could barely manage to complete a sentence without being mocked by her classmates. Her junior school teacher encouraged to try acting and use different accents as she did so. Even though she was sceptical at first she went for it. And well, the rest is now history.

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