Using the Web to Your Advantage – Connecting with Global Consumers

Perhaps the great advantage of using the Internet as a marketing tool is that it enables even fledgling companies to reach precisely the audience they are seeking, whether in the town or city where the businesses are located, their home country or the entire world. Establishing a presence on the … Continue reading

Toxic proteins implicated in Frontotemporal Dementia and Motor Neurone Disease

Scientists at University College London (UCL) and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, in Cologne, have discovered how a specific genetic mutation may damage nerve cells in frontotemporal dementia and motor neurone disease. The research, which suggests a potential new target for treating the two brain diseases, was … Continue reading

Do You Heart Your Heart? 5 Ways to Treat Your Heart Better

How would you rate the health of your heart? As the most important organ in the body, it’s extremely important that you ensure it’s in the best health that it can be. Poor heart health can result in cardiovascular disease. While there is a treatment for heart disease, there is … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “Resurrection”- A Stitched-Together mess of an episode

Rory Kinnear as the Frankenstein Monster, Caliban. The third episode of Penny Dreadful, Resurrection, lacks the frantic pace of the first episode and the melodramatic fun of the second episode. The show continues to be one of the most interesting things currently airing, but the third episode undeniably dips in … Continue reading

Outsourcing Your Work

Many business owners are stuck working 80 hour weeks. This cuts down on time spent with ones significant other, with one’s family, and eventually work consumes every waking hour.  Yet in this day and age, technology has allowed business owners to take control of their over worked lives while doing … Continue reading

Why Last Winter Was a Milder One for a Lot of the UK’s Most Vulnerable Residents

Last winter was a cold one for many people in the UK, with plunging temperatures making themselves felt across the country at different times. However, the good news is that it was a milder one for many of the most vulnerable residents of the UK. An extremely worthwhile helping hand … Continue reading

There’s Somebody Out There For Everyone: Why Dating With A Disability Shouldn’t Defer You From Trying

Do you ever feel like you’re the last person in the world to find ‘the one’? We’re surrounded by romance and relationships, engagements and sickening love declarations – it’s just too much, right? Or perhaps we feel like that because secretly, deep down, below the pretence, we’re secretly desperate to … Continue reading

The Rise of Dog Attacks: What Is Being Done about It?

As the summer approaches, so does the prospect of increasing numbers of dog attacks, especially on young children. A grim outlook, but one that is continuing to rise, according to hospital admissions statistics. There may be light at the end of the tunnel, however, as sentences for dog attack offences … Continue reading

Ford History Makers

  Outlasting the Titanic and surviving a war, would there be anything Ford motors couldn’t over come? dominating over 40% of the UK car market in 1919 and opening a second successful UK Ford factory in 1962 it would seem not! Ford enjoyed over 100 years of UK manufacturing success … Continue reading

Medical Problems That Come With Age

With age comes wisdom. However, with age also come ailments and diseases. These ailments are called geriatric diseases or geriatric syndromes. Geriatric syndromes are medical ailments common to most older adults. These medical problems are often related to one another and may have more than one cause. Some are relatively … Continue reading

Brain Changes Could Predict Alzheimer’s Earlier

Scientists in Finland have discovered changes in the brain that may signify the transition between early memory problems and Alzheimer’s. The study, published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, opens up new avenues for improving early diagnosis of the disease and identifying people at risk. The researchers from the VTT Technical … Continue reading

Corpus Christi College Supper in aid of NSPCC

Ticket sales have opened for a prestigious autumn fund-raising dinner in the magnificent Corpus Christi College dining hall in Cambridge to mark the 25th anniversary of ChildLine. The Thursday 22 September event, providing a rare chance to dine in the historic vaulted, wood-panelled room, is part of a drive by … Continue reading

2nd August – New Members Night – Cambridge

City Connect supports Cambridge events from numerous organisations. We are proud to promote these Cambridge events to our City Connect readers making them accessible to all. If you are interested in this Cambridge event, either leave a comment below or go to the CitySocialising website. If you have any suggestions … Continue reading


The Business Lounge Dinner – Midsummer House

The Business Lounge invites senior executives and entrepreneurs to a special networking dinner at 2 Michelin star Midsummer House on Midsummer Common in Cambridge on 25th August at 7pm. The 4 course dinner with wine costs £95 per person and is open only to Company Owners, Directors, CEO’s, Chairpersons, Principals … Continue reading

Local Girls Are Swapping Dancing Shoes for Walking Boots!

Three girls from Hertfordshire are swapping their party dresses for anoraks and their clutches for rucksacks, as they fly 16 hours around the world to face the most challenging adventures of their lives for charity. Chloe Randall, Rebecca Crawford and Emily Shotter are going to trek the Inca Trail to … Continue reading

Sisterhood Rower Puts Her Oar in for Man Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 59

Cambridge graduate turned film producer, Jo Rogers has rowed with the Duchess of Cambridge and rowed the English Channel with a team of elite female athletes, the Sisterhood. Next she will row from Henley to Eton on Wednesday 1 June to raise £100,000 for Great Shelford-based Alzheimer’s Research UK, alongside … Continue reading