Adam Charlton

How did you get started with bodybuilding? Throughout High School I was always called nicknames about my muscles, from a very young age. I was very lean and also athletic with very well-developed legs. Sprinting came natural to me and I became the fastest 400m runner in the UK for … Continue reading

The Dark Arts Have Finally Arrived at the Warner Brothers Studio

What began life as a draughty aerodrome during the Second World War has now become one of the UK’s most popular attractions. The Warner Brothers Studio complex at Leavesden in Hertfordshire is home to the world-famous Harry Potter Studio Tour. Just like the stunningly successful movies that were filmed there, … Continue reading

It’s Not Aintree, but the Welsh Grand National Will Boost National Economy

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly into March and two months have passed since Wales’ answer to the Grand National – the Coral Grand National. Taking place at Chepstow every December, the Welsh Grand National is a Grade 3 National Hunt Chase, open to horses aged four years or more. … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “Demimonde”- Perhaps this show has some bite after all

Reeve Carney as the immortal hedonist, Dorian Gray Demimonde, the fourth episode of Penny Dreadful is an improvement over the somewhat monotonous third instalment. More information is revealed about the show’s main characters and the overall story arc, and there are some fantastically eerie moments that should spook and amuse … Continue reading

Business Leadership Lessons from the World of Sports Strategy

In the world of sports, strategy is a crucial concept. The same can of course be said for business. Having a plan helps focus energy, time and money on what really needs to be accomplished. Strategy means that you have put some thought into what you are doing rather than … Continue reading

Making Window Treatments Boost Your Productivity in Your Home Office

Working from home can seem like absolute paradise for most of us, but those of us who experience it on a day-to-day basis know that there are occasions where it’s anything but this. Distractions come and go, whether it’s the kids or that shelf that needs putting up, and we’re … Continue reading

Rising Cost of Fuel is Paving the Way for Ebikes

Rising fuel prices and greater concern for the state of the environment are ushering in a new era of personal transportation; Say hello to the ebike. Image by Andreas Kambanis via Flickr In recent years, the only real identifiable change to bicycle culture was the roll-back to a fixed gear … Continue reading

Energy Shopping: the Only Shopping That Will Save You Money

Energy bills. They are the reason why we sometimes refuse to put the heating on and sit wrapped up in blankets watching our breath instead of watching the TV or why we have a tendency to overreact when someone leaves a light on. Energy is expensive but shopping around and … Continue reading

Can Liverpool Pull Their Socks up for Chelsea?

After all the drama surrounding the recent Manchester City and Manchester United derby, heads are now turning towards the forthcoming Liverpool versus Chelsea match on 8th November. It’s been a difficult start to the season for the Reds, who just six months ago were one game away from taking the … Continue reading

What to Wear on a Trip to a Fashion Capital

There are certain cities around the world that are known as being stylish and alluring fashion capitals. Travel to somewhere like New York City, London, Milan, Paris or Barcelona without being prepared and you run the risk of feeling rather self-conscious when surrounded by so many locals looking smart and … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “What Death Can Join Together”- A monstrous indulgence

The Master… ? As the finale draws ever closer, the events of Penny Dreadful become increasingly hectic and unpredictable. What Death Can Join Together brings back the shows’ main characters after the “prequel” episode Closer Than Sisters. Sir Malcolm’s (Timothy Dalton) pursuit of his vampire daughter finally culminates as a … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “Closer Than Sisters”- A Powerful Prequel

Eva Green in one of her best performances. The creators of Penny Dreadful seem to relish the conventions of the supernatural procedural drama. The show is something of a love letter, not just to the Gothic literature that inspired it, but to older supernatural-themed shows like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer … Continue reading