Myths Behind the Use of Dietary Supplements and the Truth Behind Them

You might feel confused about whether you should take food supplements or not. You may think that they are beneficial for your health, but other people might tell you that they do not have any positive impact. Spreading false information online is prevalent these days, so you need to know … Continue reading

5 Things All Athletes Should Do to Improve Their Performance

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur one, everyone reaches a bottleneck where it becomes difficult to improve your performance. The days of breaking records every month are long gone and you wonder what went wrong; here are four things you can do as an athlete to break … Continue reading


Sparks of electrons straight aligned They have a magnetic field to find And detect carbon composed nuclei acid base To give intergalactic essence a face. Symbols made from nature’s best To decipher is the quest. A random kick and off they go Calculations have told us so. From deep space … Continue reading

4 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

The current crop of college students are exposed to a plethora of health risks that negatively affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Drug and alcohol abuse has become more rampant in campus, thanks to a terrible culture of inebriation that’s handed down by different fraternity groups and social cliques. One … Continue reading


The international high IQ society Vediq Guild Foundation-New York,  is more than just a simple High IQ organization. “The members of the VedIQ Guild are known as Visionaries.” says Aishwarya Trivedi, the founder of the Guild. The VedIQ Guild has the purpose to embed learning, inspiration, creativity and to encourage. “Its … Continue reading

Scientists May Have Discovered a New Natural Force

Researchers at the Fermilab near Chicago, a world famous particle accelerator, have found an unexplainable signal in one of their series of experiments. The Fermilab is a physics laboratory investigating the basic principles of existence, dissecting the forces governing the smallest of particles in the universe, smaller than atoms – … Continue reading

Breaking Down Technology Transfer Barriers

Breaking down the technical and legal barriers are essential if technology transfer from academia to industry is to be done efficiently and effectively, according to researchers in Spain. Antonio Hidalgo, Professor of Technology Strategy at the Technical University of Madrid and José Albors, Professor of Business Administration at the Technical … Continue reading

Ebola: the race against time

As the death toll rises to more than 5,000, the World Health Organisation have declared the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’. First described in 1976, the virus is thought to have originated from the fruit bat, its natural host. Subsequent close contact to … Continue reading

Staying Connected Even when You’re Offline

When you switch off your internet-connected computer, whether laptop, desktop or smartphone, any tasks that you initiated also stop, or at least pause in hibernating memory. Resume the machine and the task might continue where it left off, or it might require a restart. It’s all very frustrating, time-consuming and … Continue reading

3 Ways to Buy Your Best-Ever Exhibition Display Stand

Invest in something long-lasting, durable, effective, and versatile for your marketing department. Think about how to create a great impression with a well-designed, professional pull up banner or display banner set. The display banner is often left until the last minute when people are designing their exhibition or trade show … Continue reading

The Most Important Benefits of Hiring a Chauffeur Service compared to Renting a Car

When you’re traveling, you have several options when it comes to going from point A to point B, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Because you have so many options, you’ll want to consider the area you’re traveling in, the amount of time you require, whom you will be … Continue reading

Education, Education, Education

Part of our mission at Alzheimer’s Research UK is to empower people across all generations through greater understanding of dementia. Working closely with people affected by  dementia, we look for as many opportunities to do this as possible – through this blog, our health information, public meetings, the press, our … Continue reading

Five minutes of amazing: my journey through dementia

Chris Graham was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2010, aged just 34. Below is an extract from his newly released book detailing his mammoth 16,000-mile cycle ride around North America and Canada raising £40,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK. ‘Five Minutes of Amazing’ was written with writer Wendy Holden. Dementia Adventure Diary, … Continue reading

10 Definitions of Junk Science

“Understanding how the term junk science is used will enhance debates surrounding the science of sustainability. For by better understanding what science is, we will be better positioned to use it optimally and accurately as we seek to plot a sustainable path forward.” That’s the conclusion of US social scientist … Continue reading