Can’t Sleep?

Sleep problems afflict more and more people in the developed world. Conventionally, sleep issues has not been seen as critical to health, as they are rarely a direct cause of a more serious condition. As the BBC indicated a few months ago, this can wreak havoc to someone’s life, impacting every level of happiness: sleep is one of the key cardinal points of good health. Indeed, if you do not sleep, you do not repair, and you can not heal.

The most common causes are emotional stress, due especially to anxiety or depression. Hormonal imbalances, that impact our ability to deal with stress, is closely behind. This can be related to drug-intake, poor diet, over-use of coffee, tea and sugar.

Finally, damage to the “brain in-build body clock” is also important. This can be caused by drugs, stroke, pathologies or jetting off between different time zones.

Self-help can help, especially by addressing nutrition, and lifestyle issues is a good start. This could include relaxation or a walk in the evening, and stopping coffee after 4PM for example. Increasing intake of water may also help, as the body will be more able to flush out toxins. Here is a good link to a set of homeopathic remedies that you could try if you have problems to sleep:

For long-term sleep issues however, it is usually best to consult a health practitioner. The  focus will probably be to reduce stress and toxicity. If the body is toxic, the body and the mind can be in “alert mode” increasing the impact of emotional imbalances.

Very often, a proper case-taking, done by a qualified professional can set a complete resolution and quickly re-balance everything.

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