Cambridge University iPhone App

Now it is official! Cambridge University has its own iPhone application. This is a great service that allows connecting the pressing news from the University of Cambridge to your iPhone, iPad touch and iPad. It is a free application available for everyone and will keep you updated with news from the University. Just log onto the iTunes store and download it today!

This tool is following the trends set by great American institutions such as Harvard and Stanford University. The app itself is divided into five major categories: news, events, media, maps and library. That makes the menu very user friendly and easy to manage. It helps keeping university staff, students and visitors informed about the daily happenings and Cambridge University organises many events that everyone can attend. With the fast growing user base of mobile technology, this app will soon be indispensable for people from Cambridge. It can even create a list of lectures, which will make student life more comfortable and inform the general public also about guest speakers!

Cambridge is once again showing its innovative and modern nature and its integration of leading technology into its infrastructure. The university is one of the biggest contributors to the local economy and is continuously looking for talented people to get involved.

So why not download one of the best local apps today and connect your mobile to a modern way of thinking?

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