Cambridge Fairs & Festivals in June

June has seen quite a few festivals and fairs already, at the beginning of the month we saw Strawberry Fair (which was sadly cancelled last year but returned with aplomb this year) transforming the greenery of Midsummer Common normally graced with cows and rowers into an eclectic mix of craft, music, food, drink and entertainment stalls.

If that was not enough Cambridge then brought us a good old fashioned country fair which concentrated on rural pursuits, childrens entertainment, animal displays, arts and crafts and a fabulous gourmet food tent. The Town and Country Fair was located on Parkers Piece really had something for people of all ages providing a taster of country life in the centre of our city. For more details on similar fairs please go to

After recently celebrating 800 years of the University of Cambridge, this city provided us with yet another big birthday in the form of Cambridge’s Midsummer Fair. This was the third and final fair to grace Cambridge’s greens at the end of this month and is the UK’s oldest travelling fair and market which celebrates its 800th year on Midsummer Common. Although Cambridge Midsummer Fair has been updated over the 800 years now including dodgems, waltzers, ghost trains and funfair rides to scare at least 10 years off your life, the fair still pays respects to its roots and its first few years on this common. For example, the first day of the fair (Wednesday 22 June) will still see the Cambridge mayor, members of the Council and civic dignitaries starting a parade and proclaiming the fair open by scattering newly minted pennies into the crowd. For more information please see

For those of you local to Cambridge city centre, June also hosted May Week fireworks. Although in June, Cambridge University still refers to the end of term as May Week and the University Balls are due to set off fireworks on Monday 20 and 21 June 2011. Many residents choose to watch these fireworks from a punt, whether self hired or chauffeur driven. To hire a punt (self-hire or with chauffeur) go to

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