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Café Society is all about Bobby Dorfman’s (Jesse Eisenberg) adventures when he moves to Hollywood. New York wasn’t exciting for him so the move is welcome.

He stays with family, his Uncle Phil (Steve Carrell) gets him a job and Phil’s secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) looks after him. Bobby is mesmerised by Vonnie, unaware she’s seeing his uncle.

When Phil won’t leave his wife, he ends his affair with Vonnie. Vonnie starts dating Bobby, who mentions to Phil his new love. Phil now wants Vonnie, he will divorce his wife and asks Vonnie privately to leave Bobby and go with him! Vonnie chooses Phil.

Heartbroken Bobby goes back to New York and falls in love with Veronica (Blake Lively). Things take a turn for the worst when Bobby’s brother Ben is convicted of murder and he ends up running their nightclub alone.

This movie was good. It had drama and humour, but didn’t quite hit the high notes. The love affair never really got started and why Vonnie would want Phil was a complete mystery.

The locations might have been better if they were closer together rather than New York to Los Angeles. Also the nightclub theme is getting a little tried and tested. I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Great Gatsby.

Blake Lively is a welcome addition to the cast and adds the needed glamour. It would have been better for her to have been in the Hollywood section so she appeared sooner rather than later. She lit up the screen and being a big name it was a surprise she was left till later on.

I was glad that they had Woody Allen narrating. There was a good cast. I think it might have been better to start the story further down the line to speed things up. The tension could have been drawn out then.
All in all a good effort but no cigar. 6/10 from me. A nice way to spend an afternoon or evening in.

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