Burn Belly Fat with This 6-week Walking Plan

There are specific parts of the body that tend to accumulate a lot of fat compared to others. The belly is one of your body that accumulates excess fat. This may be dangerous to your health and can also be a cause of discomfort. Excess belly fat will subject you to heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer.

You will also feel uncomfortable putting on some clothes. There are different belly exercises you can try out to stay in the right shape. Walking is an exercise that can help clear off that fat in your belly. Having the right walking plan will see you get the much-needed results very fast. Here is a 6-week walking plan that can help burn belly fat.

Six-week Walking Plan

Before you start these exercises, you must ensure that you have a wearable pedometer which you must put on to calculate the number of steps you go in one session.

Week 1

You can start off your week with some energetic pace. One can go at some slow pace in between their walks to cool down. This should take a minimum of 15 minutes. The second day should be all about power walking. Move in a simple, strong and natural way. You can start off slowly then finish on a high. It should take a minimum of 30 minutes.

The third day is meant for resting to create room for recovery. Day 4 can be a repetition of the walks you did on the first day. The fifth day is meant for easy walking where you do not have to put in so much effort. You can go for about 15 minutes. Day 6 and 7, which also add up as weekends are meant for rest.

Week 2

Second week exercises should be somehow similar to those of the first week. The difference might chip in during the 5th day where you have to spend more minutes on your easy walk exercise. You should go for about 30 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes.

Week 3

You will have to walk for some extra minutes during the third week. Your daily walking schedule should remain the same as that of week two but time adjustments need to be made. The changes should be made on the first and second days where you have to take 30 and 45 minutes for energetic and power walking respectively which is different from the 15 and 30 mins used in the previous week.

Week 4

This week will see you spend more minutes on day 4 and 5 exercises. You will go for 30 and 45 minutes respectively which is different from the 15 and 30 minutes you spend on similar exercises during the previous week.

Week 5

You have to walk for extra days during this week. The minutes and types of exercises for the initial four walking days remain the same as in week 4. Two resting days that is day 3 and 6 will both have a 30 minute energetic and power walk respectively.

Week 6

All exercises are quite similar to that of week 5 with the only difference being that one has to go easy walking for a whole hour on day 5 which is different from the 45 minutes in week 5. Observing this walking plan will see you lose belly fat very fast.

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