Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Not to be confused with the 1977 super hit Country-pop song sung by the beautiful Crystal Gayle 35 years ago, “ Make my Brown Eyes Blue” is the appreciative mantra being voiced by the very happy and lucky international patients who have bravely faced public scepticism to courageously undertake breathtaking permanent eye colour change surgery with great success.

The miraculous cosmetic procedure which is sweeping the world is an affordable procedure which has been consistently carefully and painstakingly developed by a team of dedicated pioneering professionals whose spokesperson is Mr Spencer Vessa. I have been privileged to be in close contact with Mr Vessa for the past 2 years, in which time I have been researching and following the results of his eye colour change procedure and can confirm that his team is made up of only the very best and brightest qualified medical eye experts that you would wish to meet anywhere in the world.

Light Baby Blue eye colour change

I came upon Spencer by complete accident. One evening whilst trawling a cosmetic surgery forum for an article that I was planning to write on rhinoplasty I stumbled upon a page that shocked me. It was written by the ex-patients of a disastrous doctor who was practising in Panama and had sadly blinded his patients by performing incorrect eye colour changing procedures. He was using inferior products and practises criminally misleading individuals and eventually ‘avoiding’ dealing with what he had done by running away.

Outraged and being a woman on a mission I vowed to catch the culprit and started reading everything I could find dealing with the subject. That is how I had the good fortune of finding Spencer Vessa, spokesperson for BrightOcular. I contacted and confronted him by sending him an e-mail through his website. I had mistaken him for the unlawful doctor and sent his office my message. I was very surprised when he answered so quickly with extreme politeness and professionalism, patiently explaining to me that he was not that notorious doctor and that he was happy to answer any questions that I had about the work of BrightOcular.

Interested in what Spencer had to share and keeping an open mind I started to research the BrightOcular website. Fascinated by their ingenious and innovative work I continued to keep in contact with him which thus led me to write this article.

BrightOcular is a United States patent intraocular implant made of special coloured biocompatible medical grade silicone which has been created to change the appearance of the iris for both cosmetic and medical reasons. This implant has been thoroughly researched and developed as an easily affordable option to offer helpful support for patients suffering from iris-related abnormalities such as heterodromia, ocular albinism and individuals suffering from photosensitivity.

Smokey Grey eye colour change

The BrightOcular artificial implant can be used for different purposes ranging from medical to cosmetic, BrightOcular treats patients with medical conditions such as coloboma and iris trauma.  Stellar Devices LLC is the first US based company to successfully change the colour of the entire eye using the United States 2012 recently patented BrightOcular implant. They have a vast network of doctors inEurope,Middle EastandLatin Americaeagerly waiting for BrightOcular to obtain their CE Mark. There has been an attempt in the past by a different implant made in Panama to achieve similar cosmetic outcomes as BrightOcular but which does not allow aqueous flow to pass through which causes glaucoma (patent number 702578 filed by Kahn in Panama).  After many years of research and development on finding a solution to prevent complications such as glaucoma, Stellar Devices designed and manufactured its patented implant structure (U.S. patent number 12767527 just issued in 2012). The BrightOcular implant was specifically designed to reduce such risks as intraocular hypertension, glaucoma and inflammation. BrightOcular will obtain CE Mark approval in approx 18-24 months for medical use in Europe. The next step after obtaining the CE Mark approval is to file for FDA approval in the US.

The operation takes approximately 15 minutes per eye and has been tested safely on animals and will be widely available in the UK as soon as FDA approval is granted. It is already being carried out by selected doctors in specific countries. There has been no reported complications or visual impairment from any patients since the procedure was offered in 2010. Patients must undergo extensive eye testing before any consideration and consent can be granted to undertake the simple procedure. Indeed the reputation and respect that BrightOcular is enjoying  is demonstrated by the compliments the team continue to receive from their grateful patients.

Olive Green eye colour change

Here are a few of the comments made by patients happy with their new eyes:

“I have been wearing colour contacts for the past 25 years ( since 1987) and I have worn just about every colour.But what I noticed was they never really looked natural. Then I heard of this procedure that could give me the grey eyes I always wanted. I was kind of nervous at first, so I investigated further. I saw pictures on BrightOcular and knew that was the look I was after. So, I set a date to have it done. WOW! I am so glad I did.The colour is great! The surgery was quite quick with no pain or discomfort. My doctor gave me excellent follow up care. He even came in on his day off to check the progress of my eyes. I am very pleased with the results. If you are looking for a natural look, this is it. Trust me, you will be glad you did.”  Dave from UK 29/02/2012.

“I am not a stranger to cosmetic procedures but this has been the most fulfilling procedure I have ever had and probably the last I will ever need. I have been wearing colour contacts since my early teens which are very popular in Asia. Now people can look into my baby blues that are really mine. I really feel that I have now found my own unique special identity that sets me apart from the world.” Chizu from Japan 10/02/2012

“I have always wanted to change my eye colour since I started wearing colour contacts at a young age. I am a freelance model in California and since I have had the procedure I have been booked for more jobs and I just feel more confident taking photos knowing they will not look unnatural as they did when I wore colour contacts. I was nervous initially when I was about to have the procedure but I did not feel anything during the procedure and I was able to go back to my hotel the same day with my eyes wide open. Waking up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror knowing these are really my eyes is a feeling I cannot explain with words.” Brian from Los Angeles 19/01/2012

The artificial iris implant allows for permanent eye colour change cosmetically and comes in a range of tempting beautiful natural looking colour shades such as: Ice grey, Baby Blue, Sea Green, Olive Green, Smokey Grey and Amber with new colours and variations on the intraocular lens constantly being improved and introduced to choose from. As well as offering stunning and safe eye colour change the artificial iris implant has been designed to cover up iris defects such as iridoschisis and severe iris atrophies.

You will be interested to learn that BrightOcular has a great initiative called Operation Happy Eyes which is providing free surgery world wide to patients suffering from iris-related medical conditions such as coloboma, ocular albinism and aniridia. Their surgery is funded from the proceeds taken from those patients who have chosen to change their eye colour cosmetically. This way everyone can finally have the beautiful eyes that they all deserve.

Let us wish Stellar Devices and Mr Spencer Vessa, their spokesperson, well in their new groundbreaking field of ophthalmic aesthetics. Other patents that Stellar Devices are working on are the first extraocular subconjunctival limbal ring in the world which makes the natural eye colour stand out more and make the eyes appear bigger. The ring implant can also be performed in conjunction with BrightOcular intraocular eye colour change implant

For further information and detailed frequently asked questions please see for more stunning patient pictures and positive testimonials. Finance is available and you can contact the team by emailing:

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