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After just returning from holiday, where I read some amazingly good books, I was wondering what book to read next. Then in my wardrobe I found this brilliant novel by Sophie McKenzie. I hadn’t read any of her work before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, what can I say except I absolutely loved this book. Thrillers are my favourite and it definitely thrilled me.

The story is about Geniver and Art Loxley whose daughter Beth was stillborn eight years ago. Since the death of their daughter, Art has thrown himself into his work, building his business reputation, whereas Geniver can’t let go of the memory of Beth and the daughter she’ll never know. Then one day, a stranger appears on Gen’s doorstep, claiming Beth is alive! Claiming her daughter was taken away secretly at birth by the doctor in charge and that Gen’s husband, Art, is involved in some way in the conspiracy. One by one everyone who was present at the birth dies in a tragic accident. Is this just a random coincidence? Or is someone desperately trying to stop the truth from coming out?

Gen, together with the help of her husband’s old acquaintance , Lorcan Byrne, searches relentlessly for clues and evidence to suggest that her daughter is still alive and wasn’t stillborn eight years ago. She tracks down the doctor who performed the C-section, breaks into his house and discovers crucial information regarding the events of that fateful day.

Is Gen’s husband harbouring a dark secret? Or does Hen, Gen’s best friend, know something she shouldn’t? Who is the charismatic Lorcan Byrne? And will Gen eventually uncover the mysterious truth surrounding her daughter Beth?

This is an excellent thriller. A great storyline with lots of originality, keeping you enthralled throughout. Full of mystery and suspense, twists and turns, you won’t be disappointed. I loved this book and will most definitely be looking out for Sophie McKenzie’s next novel. It gets a solid 9/10 from me.

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