Body Positivity: Embracing and Loving Your Curves


The year is 2018, and it certainly has brought to light a lot of events concerning various issues about representation. The LGBT movement has found momentous achievements in the year with society becoming more accepting of their identity and their rights as fellow human beings. One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to the culture of commercial beauty is the general perception of what is beautiful. Modelling agencies and fashion industries have always had a strict standard in defining what is beautiful and what is not.

With the hordes of commercial advertisements that have pretty and gorgeous models representing anything from beauty products to life insurance, it can be a confusing world to consider anything else as aesthetically beautiful; this consumer-centric view of what is beautiful has had a defining effect on our generation regarding our bodies and our self-esteem.

Self-esteem and body physique

Since commercials are intentionally catered to sell products, the logical response with the overly sexual and utterly gorgeous representation of young and fit models to represent a company’s products can’t be held at fault. Or should they be?

With companies setting unrealistic beauty standards, we have a generation of people who suffer from the identity of not being beautiful enough from the tone of their abs to the length of their hair to the shade of their skin to the size of their waistline. It’s something that can be easily dismissed but can greatly affect a person’s view of themselves which can affect their self-esteem, their take on how the world views them, and even how they handle their relationships with different people.

The dangers of the cosmetic solution

Cosmetic surgery is becoming a standard option in resolving issues about a person’s body, but is it giving the right solution? Dealing with a crooked nose or getting liposuction to improve one’s body is of course within the person’s right to embrace their appearance, but the staggering reality is that it’s becoming an option for younger individuals, minors even, who are affected by the streamlined information of what media accept as beautiful.

The positive body movement

The good news is that various big-name companies are taking a stand with body positivity. Plus size models are becoming a source of inspiration for curvy women and multiple products and services are making the shift in their demographic too. Beauty products such as Dove are embracing all shades of beauty besides white and Playboy is even rebranding its identity regarding dealing with their models in recent publications.

Services such as help models of different physiques find and accept themselves regardless of their body type to partake in life drawing sessions that are excellent avenues for understanding their own body and how others perceive them.

The turn of the century’s greatest achievement is having people represented from different avenues and identities. This generation is becoming more and more open to embracing how people are able to be comfortable with their own identity without conforming to traditional views of aesthetics and beauty.


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