Best Trail Bikes 2019

Howdy, adrenaline junkies!

Good news! Get ready to read on the top picks of fully suited and booted trail mountain bikes! After all, there’s no rider without his ride!

What is a trail bike? There are several varying interpretations of this. In this comprehensive guide, a trail is defined as a full suspension bike that will be fun and reliable for local rides, trail centre adventures and epic rides in the British mountains.

Marin Rift Zone 3 – £2,100

In the last few years, Marin’s range has had an overhaul. Guess what? The result of their toils really shows in their latest models. The Rift Zone 3 packs great value. It’s actually a bike that’ll take all the single-track you can throw at it. This bike is the costliest of three versions, with the Rift Zone 2 and 1 offering decent entry-level packages.

“Long, low, and slack trail geometry is more aggressive than an XC race bike for more control at top speed, and more fun while chasing seconds.” – Marin.

Canyon Spectral CF 9.0 Pro – £3,599

The Spectral has been labelled as an “all-mountain trail bike”. It is just as adaptable as its title – crafted with the help of Joe Barnes and his crew of Dudes in Scotland. An attractive component list on this CF 9.0 PRO model makes it a good package for the price.

“The Spectral rebels against overly complex linkages to deliver the pure performance you can rely on time after time.” – Canyon.

Specialised Stumpjumper ST Comp Carbon 29 – £3,500

An absolute classic and gem! The Stumpjumper has appeared in many shows in the Californian company’s range since its foundation in the 1980s. The 2019 Stumpjumper is a workhorse and all-round trail destroyer. It is more practical than other recent versions, with a SWAT storage section within the frame, a threaded BB and an internal cable routing with tubes to make replacing cables/hoses easier.

The ST version has slightly steeper angles and shorter travel. Hence, these make it ideal for single track shredding and pedalling. Women’s versions are also fun with specific shock tunes.

“The Stumpjumper ST’s asymmetrical, FACT 11mm carbon fibre construction is lightweight, stiff, and ready for technical climbs and rowdy descents” – Specialised.

Orbea Occam TR – £4,499

Orbea is based in the centre of many of Europe’s best natural mountain biking. The Occam TR is at the middle of their range of reliable bikes and is ideal for all-day trail escapades in rocky terrain. This innovative model has a solid components package for the price.

“Natural progression leads us to more aggressive trails…Occam TR is ready when the terrain gets bigger.” – Orbea.

Santa Cruz Hightower XX1 Reserve £7,999

Oh, the price says it all! The Hightower XX1 Reserve is the exciting end of a five-model range. This inventive model has the plush ‘CC’ carbon lay-up and the top gears money can buy. Santa Cruz’s Hightower is simply an all-day, all-trail destroyer that is light on its feet. It is actually crafted for aggressive riding by those who’ve probably been in the game a while.

“The Hightower gives you the extra bit of confidence to let off the brakes and let ‘er rip through the rough stuff. It feels well-balanced in the air and corners like a champ.” – Santa Cruz.

Have you already made up your choice?

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