Best Paintball Fields in Denver

The people of Denver Colorado love the outdoors and all the activities that come with it. One of their favorite past times is the exciting sport of paintball. They go to their favorite paintball fields on all occasions from birthdays to bachelor parties. It is a great sport for people of all ages so parents in the city use it to spend time with their kids. If you want to know what the best paintball fields are in Denver, we got you covered. In our list, we will go over what is so great about the fields we pick and what kind of person they are good for.

American Paintball Coliseum

These guys have the most family friendly business in town. They have a great paintball field with lots of obstacles around you. Before getting on the field, they teach you how to be safe to avoid injuries. This shows they are a responsible business who care about their customers. If paintball isn’t your cup of tea, they got you covered. Other fun sports include laser tag and airsoft which have their own special fields. My son is a bit young for paintball so laser tag is a fun but painless way to get him ready in the future.

Having a birthday party soon? American Paintball Coliseum has you covered. The staff helps you throw a fun party with equipment available for rent or for sale in-house.

Blitz Paintball

Blitz Paintball is for the hardcore player who loves a challenging but unique field. Because of its special two-story castle design, players from around the country come to visit. The equipment available for rent is all high end and nothing but the best brands get stocked. Refs are always on staff to referee games and make sure players are ethical and don’t try to cheat themselves to a win. What makes Blitz so special is how affordable it is to play on their fields. You would think that such a popular paintball field would charge high prices but they don’t. Everyone from every income bracket and age can play.

It gets opened only on weekends so make sure you don’t show up on a workday unless stated otherwise. The good thing is that they do open on a weekday if your party is big enough and you make a reservation.

Dynamic Paintball Field

Dynamic Paintball is a bit outside of Denver but there is a reason we are including it on the list. It isn’t too far and it is a must-see for any lover of the sport. They have one of the best fields in the state of Colorado. The games are family friendly and you will never forget how fun games of capture the flag can be. For players who are afraid to get matched with higher level opponents, Dynamic Paintball has you covered. They go through great lengths to make sure players have similar skills levels. Because of this, games get played fairly and everyone has a good time.

Summing it All Up

Hope this list inspires you to get out there and have a good time paintballing. If you do decide to get serious with the sport, find guides like this to help you save money and stop renting. Renting your own equipment can get expensive if you play on a weekly basis.

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